How to Buy an Affordable Android Tablet

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How to Buy an Affordable Android Tablet

An Android tablet is a tablet personal computer that runs on Google's Android operating system. The Android OS is believed by many to be the best tablet operating system currently available, and there are a large number of tablets that utilise it. The following guide shall examine some of the more affordable tablets that run on the Android OS, and will explain how to find said tablets on eBay.

Android Tablets

The Android operating system is used by a number of different tablet manufacturers, and is noted for its speed and power. The Android OS is Apple's iOS biggest rival, with many respected tech magazines commenting on the superiority of the Android system. Some people believe that tablets are unobtainable due to their price, but more and more tablet manufacturers are releasing low priced devices that are packed with features and functions. The following are the best affordable Android tablets on the market today.

Google Nexus 7

The Google Nexus 7 is probably the best device to utilise the Android OS, mainly because the same company makes both. The Nexus 7 has a very sharp screen, an easy to hold design and a long lasting battery life. The Nexus 7 is packed with features and applications and has an extremely easy to use interface. Prices for the Nexus 7 start at around $100, making it one of the best value for money tablets on the market.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

This device runs on a specially designed Android system, the Amazon Android OS. The reason for this is the Kindle Fire HD has access to Amazon's massive media library of songs, books, films and television shows. Buyers looking for a tablet that offers unprecedented access to media are advised to search for this device, as data bought from Amazon will automatically be discounted. The Kindle Fire HD has a crisp and glare proof screen, and the tablet has decent built-in speakers. Prices for the Kindle Fire HD start at around $150, but it is possible to buy used devices for as low as $100.

Barnes & Noble Nook HD

The Barnes & Noble Nook HD tablet runs on Android 4.0.3, and is excellent value for money. This device has a sharp screen and a very fast reaction time, as well as good Internet connectivity. The tablet is also equipped with a mircoSD slot, allowing users to upload content onto the device. Buyers looking for a fast and inexpensive tablet that has a focus on books and magazines should opt for this device. Prices for the Barnes & Noble Nook HD start at around $100.

Finding Affordable Tablets

There are a number of other ways buyers can find suitable tablets for a low price:

· The first thing buyers should do is use the Price filter on the listings page to eliminate tablets that do not fit within their set budget.

· Buyers can also try searching for used Android tablets , as such devices will be less costly than brand new models. To do this, buyers should click on the Used filter found under the Condition heading in the Categories table on the listings page.

  • Buyers should also visit eBay Deals, which is a section of the website that stocks products for sale at reduced prices. eBay Deals has a number of electronic products, including various tablet PC's. To access the relevant page, first click on the Deals link found at the top of every page, followed by the Tablets link located beneath the Computers heading in the Electronics tab. The stock on eBay Deals is constantly being updated so buyers should check here every time they visit the main website.

Buyer Android Tablets on eBay

Buyers are advised to search for Android tablets on eBay as the site has a much greater selection of products than any computer retailer or specialist website. Products listed on eBay are also often sold at lower prices.

To start a search for an affordable Android tablet, first head to When the homepage has loaded click on the Computers & Tablets link found in theElectronics tab. On the following page, scroll down and click on the iPad, Tablets & eReaders link located around halfway down the list. This will load up the listings page, and from here buyers should click on the Android filter found under the Operating System in the Categories table.

Buyers should then use the Price filter as described above. It's also a good idea to use the Sort By tab to list Android tablets starting with the lowest priced device.


There are a number of affordable Android tablets available on the market today, and buyers should spend some time researching what's on offer. It's a good idea to read a few reviews of a device before making a purchase, as this will be a good indicator of the device's features, quality and capabilities. Buyers can also try searching for used Android tablets, and they should visit the eBay Deals section of the site.

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