How to Change the Item Location on a Listing (SYI/TL2)

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If you want to change the item location on a listing, here's a Guide to how to do it:

When you list as Local Collection only, it may attract more buyers if you specify the postcode where the item is located. This is because your item will appear both in a normal search and in a search by distance from the buyers location (ie the buyer is searching for a Local Collection item within xx miles of their location). This will be especially true if it's an item not suitable for posting - ie very fragile, large, or heavy.

Alternatively, for items that are posted, you might not want your postcode specified. You can insert a custom location if you wish - such as your County.

Sometimes the SYI form remembers an old address - for reasons unknown. If it does, you can manually change it. The SYI form should remember the last address you used.

Quick Sell SYI Form

Although the Easy Sell SYI form is currently not available on it is on and - so you may come across it if you list on those sites.

You cannot change the Item Location with the Easy Sell SYI form. The option does not exist.

However, if you've saved the item as a draft, or completed the form without saving it, you can switch to the Advanced Sell SYI form, retaining the information you have input on the Easy Sell SYI.

Press the blue ' Sell Your Item form' hyperlink at the bottom of the listing:

Advanced Sell SYI Form

At the bottom the the 'Give buyers P&P details' section, in the 'Item Location' field click the 'Change Location' blue hyperlink.

It will bring up this box:

If you want the listing to show the item location based on your postcode, simply type in the postcode and press apply. The City, County will be automatically filled in when you press ' Save':

If you don't want your town displayed, just your county, delete the postcode and enter your custom location in the City, County Field and press 'Save':

Complete the rest of the SYI form as usual.

Turbo Lister 2

Basically the same procedure as the SYI form.

Change the Item Location details by pressing the 'Postage Options' button in the  'Postage Options' field:

Then click the 'Locations' tab

And complete either the postcode, or a custom location after selecting the relevant field, before hitting the 'OK' button below:

Complete the rest of the form and then hit 'Save'.

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How to Change the Item Location on a Listing (SYI/TL2)

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