How to Choose a Cover for Your iPad 3

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How to Choose a Cover for Your iPad 3

Many people who own an iPad 3 are interested in finding a cover for their device. iPad 3 covers are primarily used for protective purposes, but they can also increase the aesthetic value of the device. There are a number of covers that buyers can choose from, and the following guide shall examine the most popular. This guide will also explain who to find suitable iPad 3 covers on eBay.

iPad 3 Covers

There is a large selection of iPad 3 covers available to buy today, and some time should be spent browsing through what's on offer. The following are the most popular iPad 3 covers currently on the market.

Hardback Cover

Hardback covers are among the most basic iPad 3 covers that can be bought, but are popular due to the level of protection they offer for the tablet. Hardback covers are generally made from leather and incorporate a reinforced plastic or steel inlay that keeps the tablet safe from scratches, cracks and other damage that may occur if the device is dropped. This type of cover can be bought for very low prices, and it is available in a variety of colours, design and styles.

Rotate Cover

As the name implies, iPads kept in this style of cover can be rotated 360 degrees. These covers also offer the iPad a fair amount of protection and again are generally made from leather. Another feature included with the rotate cover is the back stand that allows the user to prop the device up for viewing or video calling purposes. As with the hardback covers these can be bought in a range of colours and styles, and are generally obtainable for reasonable prices.

Magnetic Cover

Magnetic covers are similar in design to the hardback covers, but utilise soft magnets to keep the cover in place when the iPad is not in use. The magnets are also used to wake the device up and put it to sleep, ensuring that battery power is not wasted. Magnetic covers are slightly more expensive than the two previously mentioned, but buyers should still be able to find low priced options.

Keyboard Cover

These are ingenious little products, and incorporate a Bluetooth keyboard into the design that can be used instead of the on screen touch keyboard. The function of these covers places an emphasis on practicality rather than protection, so keep this in mind if considering buying one. The keyboard covers are the most expensive option on the list

Choosing a cover for the iPad 3 should be a relatively straightforward process. Buyers should consider the environment the device is used in and who uses the device. If it is a family device then a protective cover will be most suitable, whereas if it is used for work buyers should think about purchasing a keyboard cover.

Buying iPad 3 Covers on eBay

eBay is a top destination for people looking for iPad 3 covers and other related iPad accessories. The website has a large selection of products, and the majority of these items are sold for lower prices than those found in computer retail stores or on specialist and manufacturer's websites. To start a search for a suitable iPad 3 cover, head to and take the following simple steps.

· When the homepage has loaded, move the cursor down to the Electronics title to open the drop down menu. When it opens, click on the Computers & Tablets link. On the following page scroll down and click on the iPads & Tablets Accessories link.

· When the listings page has loaded, click on the Cases, Covers, Keyboard Folios link in the Categories table. Scroll down to the Compatible Product Line heading and click on For Apple iPad . Type Apple iPad 3 Cover into the search bar and press enter. The more details entered into the search, the more refined the listing results will be.

· Buyers can shop for used iPad 3 covers by clicking on the Used filter found under the Condition heading. Buyers are also advised to visit eBay Deals, which contains a selection of tablets and tablet accessories for sale at reduced prices. To access the relevant section of the website, first click on the Deals link that can be found at the top of every page. On the following page, click on theTablet Accessories link under the Computers heading in the Electronics drop down menu.


There are a number of different iPad 3 covers available for users to buy today, and some time should be spent considering which style would be most suitable. The majority of iPad 3 covers are made from leather as this provides the device with a reasonable amount of protection, while adding to the aesthetic values of the device. Buyers should remember to visit eBay Deals before making a purchase, as they may find a suitable iPad 3 cover for sale here at a reduced price.

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