How to Choose a Dining Table

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How to Choose a Dining Table

Those who have to pick out a dining table for their home might soon find that it is not as straightforward a task as it first seems. There are a lot of variables to select from, such as size and shape, which means that the process of choosing a dining table takes some consideration. Buyers have to make sure that the table will fit in their room and look good in the space it’s going to occupy. However, as long as buyers give it careful thought, they can quickly choose the ideal dining table.


Why Have a Dining Table?

A dining table is a fairly large piece of furniture, so some people choose to forgo having one in their house if they don’t have much space. Instead, they’ll eat their dinner on their laps or on tray tables. This might be fine for some people, but for others, it’s not ideal. Buyers with a family will find that having family meals around a dining table gives them a chance to catch up and spend some quality time together. Anyone who likes to entertain guests will also find a dining table useful for dinner parties.


Dining Table Size

One of the most important considerations when choosing a dining table is its size. Buyers should measure up the room or space in which the dining table is going to sit so that they don’t end up buying a table that’s too big. Anyone who has a dedicated dining room should be able to go for a bigger table than one that might typically go in the kitchen. The size of the table also relates to how many people it can sit, so the buyer will need to think about this and choose a table that fits their needs. For instance, a couple who might occasionally have a few people over for dinner should be fine with a table that seats four, whereas a large family or one who entertains a lot might need a table that can seat eight or ten.


Dining Table Material

The most common material for a dining table is wood. There’s a good reason for this: Wood is sturdy and stylish. However, solid wood tables can be expensive, so some people decide to go with cheaper materials. Others might pick different materials such as glass or marble with metal frames, acrylic, brushed steel, and wood veneer.


Dining Table Shape and Style

Dining tables can come in a range of shapes and styles. Round dining tables can often fit well in small spaces. They’re ideal for buyers who like to have lively discussions over dinner, as the shape makes it easier for everyone at the table to converse. Rectangular tables are always popular and often fit the most people. Square tables tend to be more compact and work well in a smaller space. Drop leaf or other extending tables are perfect for people who only need a small table on a day-to-day basis but like the option of making it bigger for times when they have friends or family over for dinner.


Dining Table Colour

Buyers who choose to go with a wooden or wood veneer dining table will have to pick a colour. Dark woods, such as mahogany, have a traditional look, but can darken up a room, so might not work well in small spaces. Lighter woods, such as pine, have a more cottage-like appearance and tend to go well in small or large rooms. Of course, there’s always the option of a painted wood dining table, for a shabby-chic look. Those who have gone for a material such as acrylic may have a choice of all kinds of fun colours, so they can pick one that fits the rest of their decor.


Buying a Dining Table on eBay

There’s always a huge range of different dining tables on offer, both used and new, from sellers on eBay. Buyers should use eBay’s search function to enter a relevant query, such as “pine dining table” or “round dining table” and then browse through the results. Since dining tables are big and heavy, buyers might find that not all sellers ship them, so they might have to go and collect the item. It’s possible to sort search results so that they’re ordered by proximity to a given postcode, making it easy to look for local dining tables.



Once buyers have decided what kind of dining table they want, eBay is the ideal place to make the purchase. Not only is there a lot of choice, it’s also easy to pick up a bargain.

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