How to Chose Neti pot - Reduce Nasal Problems.

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The Benefit of Using A Neti Pot:

* Improvement in your allergic problems.
* Improvement of your breathing.
* Reduction of post-nasal drip problems.
* Reduction on risks of sinusitis or chronic sinus infections.
* Moisturing of dry nasal passages.
* Can shortened your duration of common colds or even fully recover from it.
* Major improvement on your Nose sinus health.
* Improved your sense of smell.
* Removal of dust and debris inside your nose.
* Improve your Yoga breathing practices.

How To Use A Neti Pot Correctly?

Step 1 - Fill the Neti Pot with warm water (at drinking temperature).
Step 2 - Put in a tea spoon of salt into the Neti Pot.
Step 3 - Mix the salt into the water inside your Neti Pot with your tea spoon. Tilt your head aside and place the spout of the Neti Pot in the upper   
Step 4 - Slant the Neti Pot until the salt water solution flows into your upper nostril, thru the sinus and out from your lower nostril.  Breathe through your
             mouth during this process.
Step 5 - When the Neti Pot is empty, slant over the sink and exhale thru your nose, like you're blowing your nose for about 3 to 5 times.
Step 6 - Repeat from step 1 to step 5 above with the other nostril.

* It is advisable to use your Neti Pot with Organic Himalaya Mineral Rock Salt while using your neti pot instead of ordinary salt or just plain water.

Why? Salt main feature is killing bacteria and germs. It will be more effective on helping you to kill the bacteria in your nostril by mixing the water in your neti pot with salt compare to plain water alone.

Then Why shall you use organic mineral rock salt, and not just ordinary salt? Well, ordinary salt is produced with additive, where by organic mineral rock salt is 100% nature without any additive, which is much better for your health :)

How To Chose A Neti Pot For Yourself?

There are variety of Neti Pot that made from plastic, stainless steel, ceramic and even copper, which type of neti pot you shall going for? Well, Myself personally will prefer for plastic neti pot compare to others. Why? First, Plastic Neti Pot is light, and easy to hold while using it. Besides, it is easy to bring for trips with you since it is light and no need worry it will damaged when put it inside the luggage.

But of course, when you pick plastic neti pot, it is important to choose the neti pot that made of high quality plastic that free free from BPA. Take precaution that cheap plastic will release toxic content into the water of the neti pot, and flow into your body when you are using the neti pot.

But of course, do not buy the cheap Stainless Steel Neti Pot usually will be heavy and big size. It is harder to carry it for trips since it is heavy and bulky. Due to its heavy weight, it is also not that comfortable to use compare to plastic neti pot. Besides, it will be much more expensive compare to other Neti Pot.  Some folks may think that stainless steel is the most durable one in term of its material.. In my opinion, it is hard for your plastic neti pot to break or damage unless you purposely smash it with a hammer, agree? :)

I had not even think about ceramic neti pot at all, since it is fragile. If you have little child in your home, it is better not to purchase the ceramic neti pot at all. Your child's single touch on your ceramic neti pot on the table may make it drop off the floor and crack into pieces. Even worse, it may hurt your child, since it will turn into sharp tatter once it broken!  

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