How to Clean Rust Off Enamel

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How to Clean Rust Off Enamel

Enamel surfaces tend to shine and sparkle when they are properly cleaned; this is why it is often the material of choice for toilets, bathtubs, countertops, coffee pots and many other items around a flat. Enamel is a smooth, durable glaze made from powdered glass that has been melted onto metal. Cleaning rust off enamel prevents the item from looking antiquated or dirty.


Causes of Rust on Enamel

Rust on enamel surfaces is often a result of the mineral content in the water, usually iron. Over time, the minerals build up on the enamel surface and result in a rust stain. Australians who use well water in their homes, have hard water, or live in rural areas typically have more of a problem with rust build-up than those who live in cities. Many purchase older homes and find that special products are necessary to keep the enamel look its best.


Using Oxalic Acid to Remove Rust

Oxalic acid is available on eBay and effective in removing rust. Some oxalic acid solutions are premixed, but if not, follow the directions on the container to mix it with water in a cleaning bucket. Diggers Rust & Stain Cleaner is one product that must be mixed with water before using it. If the person is cleaning a sink or bathtub, they can mix the solution directly in the sink or tub. Always wear rubber gloves when using this product. This helps protect the skin. Dip a scrubbing brush into the solution and scrub the rust stain back and forth. Rinse the area well with water once the stain is gone.


Removing Rust with a Pumice Stone

Purchase a pumice stone from eBay to get rid of rust on enamel quickly and easily. Pumice is a porous, volcanic stone that is useful in naturally scouring away rust stains. Wet the pumice stone and then rub it gently over the ring around the bathtub or anywhere else there is a rust stain on an enamel surface. Rubbing the stone back and forth is the most effective way to remove the unsightly stain. Rinse the area with water once the rust is gone.


Products Available on eBay

A couple of products that are useful for removing the distasteful rust stains are Diggers Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover and Grunt Emer Gel Rust Stain Oxidation Remover. When using the Diggers Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover, the consumer must mix the solution with water and apply it to the rust stain. Do this with a sponge, brush, or cloth to coat the area well. After removing the stain, rinse the area thoroughly with cool water. Grunt Emer Gel Rust Stain Oxidation Remover can be brushed on the area directly from the container. After the gel works, simply remove it with a cloth and then rinse off any remaining residue with a damp cloth.


Preventing Rust on Enamel

Clean the enamel surface weekly with a paste made of baking soda and water. Apply the paste with a soft cleaning towel and rub it over the entire surface of the enamel. Rinse the residue off with clean water. The baking soda is mildly abrasive, inexpensive, and available in grocery stores. It won’t scratch the enamel and is a relatively quick way to prevent unappealing rust build-up.


Buying Rust Removal Products on eBay

There are many rust removal products available on eBay. Simply sign in to the website and click on ‘Home & Garden’ in the left sidebar. Select ‘Cleaning, Housekeeping’ and then click on ‘Cleaning Supplies.’ At this point, the consumer can type the product name in the search bar to find what is necessary to clean the rust from the enamel. Many sellers include instructions on how to use the product most effectively. This aids the consumer in determining which product is best for his or her needs.



Many products are effective in getting rid of rust on enamel. If the enamel has been neglected for quite a long time, it may take two or three applications of the product before the stain is removed satisfactorily. Patience and perseverance pays off when restoring the surface to its original glory. Whether the consumer is remodelling an older home or the rust build-up is from hard water, removing the rust stains off enamel surfaces ensures that the home looks brilliant. Enamel surfaces that shine and sparkle help the individual feel confident that his or her residence looks its best.

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