How to Clean a Computer System

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How to Clean a Computer System

Computer systems have a way of collecting junk - not just software programs and data, but also a lot of physical dirt and dust. Knowing how to properly clean and maintain a computer system allows users to keep that computer running at top speed and peak performance at all times. Keeping the system clean also prevents many errors, such as viruses and physical malfunctions that occur because the computer is dirty.


Maintenance Cleaning

Perform regular cleaning tasks on a computer system to keep it operating at peak performance. Routine maintenance keeps the hard drive free of excess data and software programs that slow the computer's performance.

Disk Cleanup

Many computers are equipped with the Disk Cleanup tool, a user-friendly program that allows for easy computer system cleaning. Users can look for this tool in the Accessories menu on most Windows PCs. By following the instructions in the Disk Cleanup tool, users can easily remove old files from the machine.

Clearing Cookies

Clear cookies regularly to keep a computer system free of unnecessary junk. Websites store cookies on hard drives all the time. Internet browsers have inbuilt options that users may adjust to designate how long the system should store cookies before deleting them. Find these settings in the Options or Settings menu of the browser.

Disk Defragmenter

Pieces of old programs may still be present on a computer hard drive even after removing the programs themselves. Bits of junk data can also accumulate on the system and slow it down. Use a defragmentation tool to remove this extra junk. The Disk Defragmenter option is in the 'Computer' folder on most Windows PCs.


Other Cleaning Tasks

Even regular maintenance cannot remove all the junk that slows down a computer system. Other tasks are routinely necessary to remove software that could quietly be causing system problems.

Viruses and software may be slumbering on a computer system without ever letting the user know. It is necessary for users to routinely run antivirus programs in order to remove these harmful programs. To keep a computer system operating at full speed, users must also perform regular system updates. The computer lets users know when updates are necessary and available. To make sure the system updates automatically, select the Automatic Updates option from the system's Properties menu.

Physical Cleaning

No computer system runs at peak efficiency if dust, hair and other debris are weighing it down. Computers become physically dirty over time, and that mess is not always immediately visible. Dust and hair can get down inside a computer system through small vents and holes. Regular physical cleaning is necessary to remove this grime and keep the system working well.

Before cleaning a computer, it must be completely powered off and unplugged. Disconnect everything so that the system is properly accessible. Open the computer casing to gain access to the interior. Necessary items are a soft cloth for the outer case and vents, cotton swabs for the keyboard and vents, compressed air for small and electronic parts, and a dry cloth for the screen and power cord.

Always physically clean a computer system with care. This process takes time, because being too aggressive can cause damage to the machine. Take care not to dislodge any pieces of the machine or push any knobs out of place as well.


How to Buy a Computer System and Cleaning Supplies on eBay

All computer systems become outdated and slow as software becomes more sophisticated. In order to stay up-to-date, you must buy new systems from time to time. Authorised sellers on eBay list computer systems and software programs so shoppers can find affordable options of all types in one place. Search for a new computer system or supplies to clean your existing system by using the search bar on every eBay page. With regular maintenance, computer systems last longer. However, no system lasts indefinitely. With frequent maintenance and cleaning, extend the life of your system and keep it running smoother longer.

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