How to Combine post on multiple insects

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Some Unique Butterflies specimens
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Some Unique Butterflies specimens

Collectors and others often ask on how to obtain only one post cost on Unique Butterfly items. By following these easy prompts on E-bay your post will only be one cost for all the specimens etc.

Add to cart, Continue shopping, Request total from seller, Commit to buy and submit request. Unique Butterflies will then amend the invoice to one post cost and send back for payment. This will save you a lot of time and dollars plus insects only weigh a tiny amount and the strong post box for a normal order can hold up to 40 odd medium specimens and go to a weight of 500g...this includes the  post box, soft and foam packing and the specimen choices sealed in plastic sleeves. This keeps the specimens safe , flat, and airtight until received by you. You can also store your valuable specimens like this basically for ever until you need to relax and set. Go to Unique Butterflies guides on relaxing, setting and storing specimens for an easy and simple way to relax and set specimens in a few days, safely and correctly. There are other guides, one on a simple way to make a drying cabinet . This speeds up drying time by at least a day and can also be used as storage should you get busy or involved in identification duties.
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