How to Configure a Belkin Modem

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How to Configure a Belkin Modem

Belkin modem manually. The process includes choosing a modem router or router product that works with the ISP Internet connection purchased then following a configuration protocol using a setup webpage address.


Broadband Internet Connections

Configuring your modem router is the same for all Belkin products. The main concern when buying any Belkin networking device is the type of broadband service the ISP offers. Australia has ADSL and ADSL2+, DSL, cable, wireless, mobile broadband, and satellite Internet connections. Wireless connections are provided via towers and hotspots. Mobile broadband uses USB modems and adapters to connect securely to wireless signals.

In a home or business, the ISP connection type is going to be ADSL, ADSL2+, DSL, cable or satellite. If using one of these connections, it is possible to use a Belkin router to link multiple devices to the Internet. The modem router must be able to support the type of connection or configuring the device with or without the CD will not work.  


Internet Connection

Explanation of Broadband Type


  • Speeds up to 16 MBps
  • Uses a telephone line for the connection
  • An upgrade from standard DSL


  • An upgraded form of ADSL
  • Speeds up to 24 MBps


  • Speeds start at 1.5 MBps
  • DSL was the upgrade from dial-up


  • Uses coax cable
  • Speeds start at 1.5 MBps


  • Speeds start at 1.5 MBps
  • The signal comes from a satellite dish and goes into a modem
  •  A router is required for multiple computer access
  • Uses a Satellite modem from the company


It is possible to rent a modem from the ISP. Modems can also be purchased separately from routers. Satellite providers include the dish to catch the signal, a modem to bring the Internet to the computer, and the necessary wired cables. A Belkin router can be used for multiple devices on a satellite connection.


Configuring Belkin Modem

Without the CD conduct Internet connection verification, connect modem router, and access the modem router web setup page. To verify the Internet connection when the modem is part of the router it is necessary to first connect the modem router.

  1. Connect the Internet from the wall via cable or telephone line.
  2. Plug in the modem router to the power source.
  3. Wait for the modem to connect to the ISP.
  4. When the LED lights for power and Internet are solid, connect the computer via Ethernet.
  5. Turn on the computer and wait for it to load.

The computer should be turned off before plugging in the Ethernet connection. When the computer starts it will search for Internet. If the modem router is working and the computer recognizes a connection it is possible to verify the Internet connection by typing in the modem router web setup page.

  • Type into the address bar in a web browser.

The web address is the default IP address a Belkin modem router has. If the computer has trouble recognizing the router or connecting to the Internet try typing router into the address bar. During the setup phase only have one computer on to avoid any IP address conflict.

Select "detect my connection" to have the Belkin page establish then test the connection. A prompt will come up for a Network Name and Password after a connection is found. It is now possible to set up security.

Setting up Security

While in the setup page it is possible to setup security on your wireless connection for the modem router. Security protects against other people using the Internet connection by securing the network.

 Choose WEP or WPA/WPA2, Belking suggest using WPA as the most secure option.

After security choices are made, registration of the modem router is required. The dashboard for changing modem router settings will appear after registration. It is possible to configure the device for other computers at this point.

How to setup a Belkin modem for ADSL, ADSL2+, DSL, and cable does not vary. The steps start by connecting you to the Internet and giving you a choice to secure your network. You can change your network name, password and security choice at any point by going to 192. 168.2.1.


How to Buy a Belkin Modem on eBay

Sellers found on Belkin modem router to ensure it works with your ISP provider. Sellers found on eBay provide bundles including the modem router and connection wires you may need to hook up the incoming Internet source to the modem router and then to the computer. It is possible to purchase Ethernet, coax, and DSL cables separately if the modem router does not come with these necessary connectors.

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