How to Create Your Own Canvas Prints

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How to Create Your Own Canvas Prints

Purchasing pre-made photo canvases are expensive. However, making them at home is an easy, less expensive process. Turning simple home photos into beautiful pieces of wall decor not only enhance the look of your home, it also gives friends and family a fun look into your life as a family. Canvas prints are becoming more popular, as well as at home do-it-yourself projects. By using only a handful of art supplies, anyone can make their own at home canvas print, from any photo.


Necessary Supplies

In order to make a handmade canvas print at home, the items needed are a stretched canvas, photo, wood glue, texture coating, foam roller, stapler, small paintbrush, straight edge, and scissors. The canvas needs to be 5.08 cm smaller on each side than the photo. The photo does not work on regular paper; therefore, copy the photo on laser paper for this process. It is very important that the wood glue is white, not yellow. If the glue is yellow, the entire finished photo has a yellow cast.




Phoenix artist canvas

100 per cent cotton

Non-toxic acrylic primed

Acid free

Mildly absorbent

Winsor & Newton canvas

Heavy weight

Medium grain surface

Triple coated with acid free sizing of acrylic primer

Reeves Canvas

100 per cent cotton

Medium grain surface

Double coated with acid free sizing gesso primer

Canvas left on the back for re-stretching

Fredrix Canvas

Acid free acrylic titanium primed

Medium grain cotton surface

Ready to paint

Suitable for oil or acrylic paint


Using the wood glue, squeeze it onto the canvas. An even coat is needed, but not too much or it makes the photo bubble. Take the paintbrush and smooth it out all the way to the edges, making it as even as possible. Next, place the photo face down on a smooth, clean surface. Press the canvas down onto the back of the photo, glue side down.

Centre the canvas on the middle of the photo. While the canvas is still face down, use the straight edge to work out any bubbles or air pockets by smoothing it out. Start in the middle and work outwards towards the edges.


Arranging the Photo

Turn the photo to face upwards and make sure there are no air pockets left on the surface. After the picture has dried for at least an hour, begin to fold the photo around the edges to make the creases. Once the creases are set, make cuts at each of the corners to wrap them around the edges. Place some wood glue onto the edges of the canvas and spread it evenly using the paintbrush.

After the edges have glue on them, wrap them around and smooth them, so the picture fits tightly around the canvas. Take the corners and fold them over and around. Staple all edges for a more secure fit.


Placing the Texture Cream

Us a spoon and place some texture cream onto the photo canvas. With the paint roller, begin to roll out the cream over the canvas. Add the cream small spoonfuls at a time as needed to have full coverage on the canvas. Do not neglect the edges and corners. The substance is white and has a milky look; however, it dries clear. Allow the Canvas to dry for at least 12 hours; it is then ready to place in your home.


Buying Stretched Canvas on eBay

To purchase a stretched canvas on eBay, go to the search bar located at the top of the page and type in keywords such as 'stretched canvases' or 'blank photo canvases'. After searching the item, numerous photos pop up along with descriptions explaining the item. To view an item, click on the picture and follow the appropriate sub links to the page explaining the item. After deciding on an item, you may buy it depending on the sellers buying options. 

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