How to Defend Like a Pro in 'FIFA 15'

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How to Defend Like a Pro in 'FIFA 15'

Electronic Arts published "FIFA 15" in 2014, with IGN calling it "one of the best sports simulations around". It is the first video game in the FIFA series that the Premier League fully licensed, and is available on a variety of games consoles and handheld devices. While the game's controls are simple to learn, they require skill to master. In many cases, a strong defence makes the difference between winning and losing a match, so gamers should take the time to practise their defensive control.


Know the game controls

The release of "FIFA 12" saw Electronic Arts drastically altering the control system. Prior to the release, defensive play was largely automated, offering a simple and engaging style of play that did not demand great skill. "FIFA 12" introduced a manual defence that requires players to hit the tackle button at exactly the right moment in order to complete a defensive manoeuvre.

"FIFA 15" continues this style of tactical defending, encouraging players to focus on positioning squad members for interceptions, and playing precisely rather than mashing buttons in a frantic effort to regain possession of the ball. Developing good timing is essential to good play.

Mastering the controls

Mastering the defensive controls takes time and skill, and a gamer has several options when challenging for the ball. A sliding tackle is a very effective way to reclaim the ball at speed and has the potential to flip the play rapidly from one end of the pitch to the other. However, sliding tackles are dangerous, and may result in a yellow or red card depending on the timing.

Additionally, there are several ways to hamper the player with the ball. It is possible to put pressure on the player from the front, pull the player's shirt, or even make physical contact. If used incorrectly, in sight of the referee, some of these moves may result in a booking.

Legacy defending

For players who are finding it difficult to develop a strong defensive style, the options menu for the "FIFA 15" video game offers a Legacy Defending option. Setting this option allows players to use the old style of defending in offline games. This is a good choice for younger players or anyone new to the game. However, Legacy Defending is not available in online matches.

Skill games

Practice is essential, and "FIFA 15" offers gamers the change to take part in offline Skill Games. These are a lot of fun, and help perfect techniques. By using the Skill Games, it is possible for any gamer to develop the timing required to defend well.


Be a team player

"FIFA 15" gives players a whole squad, but the player only has control on one player on the pitch at any one time. Knowing when to switch control to a different player, or when to rely on the help of computer-controlled colleagues, is vital to success.


The team should play cautiously, maintaining a good shape at all times. Diving into tackles, or running out of formation, creates gaps in the defence that the opposition exploits to score goals.

Calling for assistance

With a simple button press, it is possible to call on computer-controlled teammates to assist in locking down the player with the ball. However, doing this may open up gaps in the defensive line, so as with everything else, timing is vital.


It is possible to make a player sprint in an effort to get into the thick of the action. However, sprinting saps stamina, and this may have a negative impact on the team in the later stages of the game. If a player is too far away to make a significant impact on the current play, the gamer should change control to a player who is in a better position.


Be persistent

Learning the intricacies of the defensive controls and tactics takes time, and may seem difficult at first. However, with practice, it becomes much easier. By taking advantage of the Skill Games, and working on timing and strategies, gamers quickly start to develop game-winning strategies that heighten the overall enjoyment of the game.


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