How to Draft a Short Sleeve Pattern

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How to Draft a Short Sleeve Pattern

Pattern drafting is one of the most important aspects of the women's fashion industry. Sometimes referred to as flat designing, it is one of the most practical approaches for making patterns because of the speed and efficiency they provide. short-sleeve pattern is one of the most basic to create. However, accurate and proper body-measurements provide the foundation for a well-constructed pattern. 


How to Take Body Measurements for Pattern Drafting

Mayer Rohr, an experienced educator and expert in the trade, left a legacy behind in an authored work entitled "Pattern Drafting & Grading: Women's And Misses' Garment Design, Including Juniors, Sub-Teens, Teens, And Half Sizes." Based on the work of Mayer Rohr, the process for taking measurements that can transfer to paper for constructing a short-sleeve pattern follows.

Constructing the Front of the Short Sleeve Pattern

  • Centre front length: Measure from the base of the neck to the waist. Draw a vertical line A to B on the paper.
  • Across the chest: Measure one-fifth of line A to B to create line A to C. Measure half of the width across the chest.  Draw a line C to D and extend it for 3 inches.
  • Front shoulder height: This measurement is the length from the shoulder to the waist at the neck. Draw the line B to E on the brown paper.
  • Front body width: Draw a line across at the point E to create E to F. Draw a vertical line down from F to the line C to D.
  • Front shoulder slope: Measure from the shoulder at armhole to the centre front waist and draw line B to H. Make a mark and name it point H on line F to G to draw the shoulder slope.
  • Front shoulder seam: Locate the point I on line E to F then draw the line H to I. Draw a curved line from A to I from the front neckline.
  • Full front width: Draw a line that measures half of the front across the bust to the side seam by the armhole, and name this line B to J. Draw a line from J to line C-D.
  • Side waist depth: Measure from the centre front at the neck to the side of the waist and mark as line A to L on pattern paper. Mark point L on line J-K.
  • Side seam length: Draw the side-seam line as L to M. Draw a line M to N across the centre front from M to the centre. Draw a line O to D then draw a diagonal line O to P. The armhole is constructed from H to D to P to M.
  • Front waistline: Where the lines N to L and D to B intersect, mark point Q. Draw a line R to Q. Draw line B to S equal to R to Q minus half inch. S to T is the decreased waistline.

Constructing the Back of the Short Sleeve Pattern

  • The centre back length: measure from neck to waist and transfer results to paper pattern as a vertical line A to B.
  • Across back: It is one-quarter of line A-B. C to D is half of the width across the back. Draw line across C to D and add three inches.
  • Back shoulder height: Measure from the shoulder to the waist and draw as B to E. Carry the line up the centre back to line A.
  • Back body width: Half of the back width plus quarter-inch for room. Mark as line E to F. Draw a line from F to the line C-D.
  • Back shoulder slope: Draw a line across B to create line B to H. Draw a line for I to H with I being a point on line F-G.
  • Back shoulder seam: Line I to J equals the shoulder measurement plus quarter inch for ease. Find J on line E-F and draw the shoulder line. For the back of the neck, draw a curved line.
  • Full back width: Extend the line A-B quarter inch to crate B to K. The line K to L is half of the back to the side seam at the armhole.


How to Buy Women's Dress Patterns on eBay

Sewing patterns are very easy to find on eBay. Buyers can select the 'craft' category and locate the subcategory 'sewing', to see the variety available. Butterick, McCall's, Simplicity, and Vogue are some of the brands offered. Not only will buyers find a plethora of sewing patterns, but all the tools needed for making the blouse pattern are available on eBay. Additionally, sellers auction sewing machines and tables in the marketplace.

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