How to Dress up a Simple Cardigan

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How to Dress up a Simple Cardigan

A cardigan is one of the most valuable and versatile pieces in a woman's wardrobe. Many women own cardigans in a few different solid colours. They may also have a patterned cardigan or two. In an air-conditioned office, the cardigan provides an extra layer to keep the wearer warm and comfortable.

While a solid-coloured cardigan is the most versatile, it can also be rather plain. Women who own a selection of cardigans should invest in colourful accessories to dress up their outfits and change their look. eBay has hundreds of different accessories for sale, many of them cheaper than what buyers could purchase in local shops. Before shopping, women should investigate a few ways that they can dress up a cardigan so that they know what to purchase.

Accessorise It

One of the easiest ways to dress up a cardigan is to match it with the right accessories. These include jewellery, scarves, and belts. Depending on the season, occasion, and the desired effect, one type of accessory might be more appropriate than another.

Add a Chunky Necklace

A good way to improve the look of a plain cardigan is to add a chunky necklace. Chunky necklaces come in several different styles. Some incorporate several slender strands, twined together into a thick, rope-like necklace that is both lovely and eye-catching. Other chunky necklaces include large round beads in bright colours. Some bead necklaces may be all of one colour, while others have multiple hues for an especially vibrant look. Some manufacturers opt for a natural look, using chunky beads of all different shapes, resembling polished rocks. A string of large amber beads, turquoise beads, or wooden beads gives a plain cardigan an instant wow factor.

Choose a Beautiful Scarf

Many women love scarves and possess several as part of their wardrobe. During the winter, soft knit scarves or chunky wool scarves look great with a leather jacket or a heavy coat. During the summer or spring, lightweight scarves lend beauty and colour to simple outfits. Women should select scarves that include colours that coordinate with or match their cardigans. For instance, a navy cardigan may work well with a scarf that includes white, navy, and blue. A white cardigan provides the perfect canvas for a bold, multi-coloured scarf. With a black cardigan, a scarf with a crisp geometric pattern takes the look to the next level.

Accessorise with Eye-Catching Earrings

With a simple outfit, women can wear earrings as large and dangly as their heart desires. In fact, a pair of sparkling earrings is a great way to dress up a simple cardigan. Women can try large gold or silver hoops that coordinate with their other jewellery and accessories. They should also invest in some dangling earrings such as chandelier earrings. Pearl earrings or diamond earrings may look out of place with a cardigan if they are too large, causing a clash between the casual cardigan and the formal jewellery. Even as buyers endeavour to dress up the cardigan, they should remember to keep the quality of the clothing and the jewellery on the same level for a coordinated, cohesive look.

Slenderise with a Belt

If women are concerned about their cardigan adding too much bulk to the torso, they can add an attractive belt. The right belt performs a double function, dressing up the cardigan a little and defining the woman's waistline. Larger women should choose a belt of medium width, while the average woman needs a thin belt. Wide belts and bold buckles may be appealing to some women, but they tend to draw the eye to the waist and shorten the torso. Wide belts work best for very slender, tall women. Over a cardigan, the average woman should wear a slender belt at the narrowest point of her waist.

Wear a Dressy Skirt

Traditionally, people consider a skirt to be fairly dressy. For an office environment, the skirt should be just above the knee or a little longer. The slightly more formal nature of the skirt takes the simplicity of the cardigan to a higher level, creating a streamlined, professional look. Wearers can accessorise with a fine gold or silver chain and a small pendant, along with small earrings and classy high heels. This outfit is on the conservative side, which is ideal if women need to dress up a little for a meeting with clients or supervisors.

Opt for Elegant Pants

If women want to dress up a plain cardigan, they can pair it with figure-flattering black pants instead of khaki pants or jeans. Every professional woman should have at least one pair of classy black pants in her wardrobe. The pants need to fit well, with an inseam that is loose enough to allow for comfortable seating but short enough to provide a trim look. The hem of the pants should hit the middle of the top of the foot when the woman is wearing her regular office shoes. The pants should skim the wearer's curves rather than hugging them tightly or looking baggy. With a sleek pair of office-appropriate trousers, a simple cardigan becomes part of an attractive professional ensemble.

Layer over a Dress

Like a skirt, a dress gives an automatic status lift to a simple cardigan. For cool days, women can layer a cardigan over a warm knit dress or wool sheath dress. During the warm seasons, cardigans work well over colourful sundresses, providing warmth during long days in air conditioned offices. After work, the cardigan comes off to allow the wearer to enjoy the warmth and sunshine outdoors. Women must be sure that the length of their dress is in line with their workplace's regulations regarding employee attire.

Wear a Blouse Underneath

A crisp white blouse peeking out from the neck of a cardigan adds dressy flair to the outfit. Women can try a form-fitting blouse with a standard pointed collar, in white or some other colour. They can also experiment with blouses that have a ruffled collar or a Peter Pan collar. The chart below describes a few common styles of women's blouse collars so that buyers can be aware of their options.

Collar Type


Bermuda Collar

Standard narrow shirt collar with two points over the collarbones

Dog-Ear Collar

Large fold-over collar with two points falling over the upper chest

Peter Pan Collar

Fold-over collar with curved edges and a space between

Bow Collar

Large, loosely tied bow

Mandarin Collar

High, narrow collar separated at the centre

Women should take care that their blouse does not look stuffed into the cardigan or create unsightly lumps and bumps under the cardigan. The look is much cleaner when the blouse rests smoothly under the cardigan.

Add an Elegant Tank Top

An elegant tank top, camisole, or sleeveless shirt under a cardigan lends an air of subdued luxury to the outfit. Women could slip on a silky tank top in a floral pattern under a plain cardigan in a coordinating colour. They could choose a gauzy tank top that gives their ensemble a slightly dressier look with a flirtatious edge. Paired with a cardigan, tank tops that incorporate lace, embroidery, beading, or intricate detail at the neck add interest to the entire outfit. When the workday is over, women can remove the cardigan and go out for dinner or drinks in their dress pants and their lovely tank top.

Buying Cardigans and Accessories on eBay

Whether you are shopping for basic cardigans or accessories for your outfits, you can find amazing offers in the eBay Deals section of eBay. You can also perform a search using the search bar on any page of the website. If your query yields too many listings for you to sift through in one shopping session, use the eBay search filters to refine the results. On the other hand, if your search does not immediately reveal the accessories you want, save your search and eBay will notify you of any new accessories as sellers post them. Another section of eBay's website, eBay Stores, allows sellers to show off many different products within their own online shop, making shopping more convenient for you.


Many women, especially working women, experience a variety of temperatures throughout the day. The mornings may be chilly, or the office may be cold due to excessive air conditioning. Late afternoons, however, may be uncomfortably warm. Layering allows women to remain comfortable no matter what their environment. However, wearing a simple cardigan every day can become boring. To dress up this functional piece of clothing, women need a variety of accessories, such as bright earrings, colourful scarves, and chunky jewellery. They must have tank tops and blouses to wear underneath. They also need classy skirts, pants, and dresses that take the cardigan from dull and casual to sleek and professional. With eBay, finding ways to dress up a simple cardigan is easy and affordable.

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