How to Find Phone Case and Protector Deals

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How to Find Phone Case and Protector Deals

Finding a phone case or protector need not be a difficult task. Whilst there are plenty of factors to consider, once one knows what to look for and how to find it, the likes of eBay can ensure a sensible and secure purchase.

The following guide is written with the aim of helping potential phone case and protector buyers find a deal that is best suited to their phone protection needs.

Phone Case and Protector Checklist

Before starting the search for a phone case or protector, there are number of things that need to be taken into consideration in order for the deal to be a sensible one.

These considerations can help make the search both quicker, and more specific, and will help in the search for an affordable deal. Here is a checklist of all the factors that need to be thought about before beginning the search:

· Phone Brand and Model: Before anything else, one needs to take note of the brand and the model of the phone in question. This ensures that the search for a case or protector is as specific as possible and that the case being purchased will fit perfectly onto the device.

· Dimensions: Some sellers will offer generic phone cases. For this reason, one needs to work out the dimensions of the phone in question. This is again to make sure that the case or protector will fit the phone correctly. Most handset dimensions can be found on the device's website.

· Screen Size: If planning on buying a screen protector, it is best to find out the screen size before making a purchase. The screen on a phone is often measured diagonally between one corner and the other.

· Protection Requirements: One also needs to decide the level of protection required from the case or protector. This can help decide which style of case or protector purchase.

Types of Phone Case and Protector

Furthermore, knowing what type of phone case and protector is best for personal requirements is a good way of finding the best deal. Here is a table of the types of phone case and protector available:

Types of Phone Case and Protector



A wallet case provides ample protection for both sides of the phone. Most wallet cases come in leather and create a professional aesthetic for the phone in question.

Whilst some phones may not be compatible with a wallet case, there are a lot of phone manufacturers that design their own wallet cases for certain models.

Wallet cases use a fastener to keep the phone secure in the wallet and will often be cushioned for added protection.

Sock Case

Sock cases provide the least amount of protection for phones.

However, they are affordable and provide a simple solution for those who do not wish for scratches on their device.

Sock cases often come in a variety of designs and colours and are widely available.

Shield Case

There are shield cases available for a number of slate-style smartphones.

These shield cases will protect the rear side of the device and will have slots for the phone's camera and charging slots.

They clip onto the back of the device are can be found in hard plastic, and even metal and wood. They are particularly robust and protect phones against scratches and dents.

Shell Case

A shell case is a less robust form of the shield case.

One of the advantages of the shell case in comparison to the shield case is that it keeps the phone as lightweight as possible, whilst retaining a high level of protection against scratching and denting.

They can be found in plastic, rubber, and less affordably, carbon fibre.

Flip Case

Flip cases offer the same professional look as wallet cases.

They are also most commonly found in leather and provide protection to the front and the back of the device.

Where the flip case and wallet case differ is their accessibility to the phone screen. Whereas wallet cases require slightly more effort to access the front of the phone, flip cases only require a flick of the wrist.

Screen Protector

Screen protectors are thin slices of one-sided plastic film. These can be placed on the screen of the phone to prevent scratches from occurring.

They are an affordable and are a simple means of protecting the screen of the phone.

How to Buy Phone Case and Protector Deals on eBay

eBay plays home to a wide selection of mobile phone case and protectors and offers the chance for buyers to purchase these items in a secure but reasonably priced environment.

To find the phone cases and protectors on the site, visit the Electronics category and choose theMobile Phones and Accessories Page. Once here, select the Cases, Covers, and Skins link. At this point, one will be confronted with thousands of listings for cases, covers, and skins. Make use of the filters tabs on the left hand side of the page, as well as the keyword search bar, to narrow the search down for a case or protector to suit the phone in question, and one's personal tastes. Alternatively, one can head to and browse the eBay Deals site to find a case or protector.

When a suitable product has been found, make sure to be aware of the Buy It Now, Best Offer, and Bidding formalities of eBay. Furthermore, contact the seller if there are any queries regarding the product.


Therefore, the best way to find a good phone case and protector deal is by firstly knowing the dimensions and details of the phone that needs protecting. Secondly, research the types of case that are available for the chosen phone and find out the best and most reasonably priced options.

Finally, use eBay as a means of finding a case or protector at an affordable price that may not be able to be found elsewhere.

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