How to Fix a Zipper on Jeans

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How to Fix a Zipper on Jeans

Fixing a zipper on a favourite pair of jeans can take place right at home. There is no need to take an inconvenient trip to the tailors. In fact, most common zipper problems only take a few minutes to fix, including fixing a stuck zipper, fixing zipper teeth that do not close, and fixing a zipper that does not stay up. In addition, if a jeans zipper needs replacement, owners can learn a few simple steps to fix that at home as well. To find a replacement zipper appropriate for a pair of jeans, including a metal plastic zipper or an all-metal zipper, shoppers can visit a local fabric and craft shop or go online and purchase zippers on eBay.

How to Fix Common Problems With Zippers on Jeans

Jeans zippers can get stuck, not close properly, or not stay up. For those who want to avoid visiting the tailor, some simple solutions can help solve even the most stubborn zipper problems.

How to Fix a Stuck Zipper

To fix a zipper stuck on fabric, several basic household items can help, including soap, a pencil, or Windex. First, rub the teeth of the zipper on both sides with a graphite pencil and try to move the zipper. If this does not work, try using lip balm, candle wax, a bar of soap, or petroleum jelly by rubbing it on the zipper to loosen it. Another option is spraying a bit of Windex on the zipper, not much, to free it.

How to Fix Zipper Teeth That Do Not Close

For zippers that do not close due to roughness or stickiness, pull the slider down to the bottom or up to the top of the zipper to expose all of the zipper's teeth. This step helps to create a smoother path for the zipper slider. Next, inch the zipper down, or up, the teeth. Do this slowly to avoid tearing the fabric or getting the zipper stuck. If any resistance occurs, use a graphite pencil and rub the pencil tip along the teeth. If the zipper catches on fabric along the way, try gentling wiggling it free.

Another option to fix zippers that do not close properly is gently using pliers to bend crooked teeth back into place. Take care not to bend the teeth out of place.

How to Fix a Zipper That Does Not Stay Up

For a zipper that does not stay up, slide a metal keyring through the hole in the zipper pull for a temporary fix. Pull the zipper to the top and place the keyring over the button. Then finish buttoning the jeans. With this solution, the metal kingring must be big enough to go over the button. A rubber band works for this as well.

How to Replace a Zipper on Jeans

Owners can easily replace a zipper on jeans. First, use scissors or a seam ripper and remove the stitches from the backside of the waistband to free the zipper. Next, remove the stitches located at the bottom of the folded, rectangular flap behind the zipper. Once done, remove these flaps. Place the new zipper where the old one was and sew it into place by hand or with a sewing machine.

Types of Jean Zippers

When shopping for replacement zippers, jean owners have a choice between two different types. These include metal-plastic and all-metal zippers. To find a suitable zipper, measure the zipper teeth size using digital callipers for the most accurate measurements.

Zipper Material

Typical Width

Typical Height

Metal-Plastic Zipper

4.55 to 4.90 mm

1.90 to 2.00 mm

Metal Zipper

5.70 to 6.10 mm

2.40 to 2.60 mm

When choosing a replacement zipper, assess the colour and overall design and how it matches the jeans. Ensure a proper zipper length to avoid buying an item that runs too long.

How to Buy Zippers on eBay

If a jeans zipper needs replacing, you can search eBay for replacement zippers. Just enter keywords into the Search bar on any site page and search the associate categories. You can even find deals on household and clothing items at eBay Deals. Remember to assess the seller's rating to ensure the seller provides good customer service before buying.

To fix a jeans zipper at home, owners can follow a few easy steps. In fact, by using a few common household items, including a graphite pencil, a bar of soap, petroleum jelly, a keyring, or a rubber band, you can fix that stubborn zipper in no time. Using Windex can sometimes even unstick a zipper.

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