How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Jelly Bean Devices

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How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Jelly Bean Devices

In 2012, Adobe ceased supporting Flash Player for Android devices, as HTML5 does not require Flash to play videos. Unfortunately, not all websites use HTML5, so Android users sometimes discover that their favourite sites do not work properly. It is still possible to get Flash for Android; however, as it is no longer a supported application, acquiring the software involves side-loading it. This is a relatively straightforward process, but does incur the risk of a virus getting onto the device.


Preparing the Jelly Bean device

In order to install Adobe Flash Player on an Android Jelly Bean smartphone or tablet, the device needs to be set up to allow side-loaded applications. Side-loading is a method of installing applications that are not available through the official Android marketplace. It is the only method for the installation of unsupported software such as Flash.

Enabling side-loading

To enable side-loading, power on the device and then open the "Settings" menu. From there, select "Security", and then select the option "Unknown sources" to allow the installation of applications that are from sources other than the marketplace.

Security issues

There is a risk associated with side-loading applications, according to the CNET website. Such applications have not been approved and certified by Android, and may contain viruses that affect the performance of the device or compromise personal data such as addresses, telephone numbers, and online passwords. For this reason, websites such as Wave Centric recommend that only expert users side-load apps on their Android devices. Even expert users should use caution, and check the source of a file carefully before installing or running it.


Installing Flash using a computer

Installing Flash involves downloading an Android application package file (APK) from the official Adobe website. While it is possible to download the software directly to the Android Jelly Bean device, some users may prefer to download the software to a computer and then transfer it to the device afterwards. The process is the same for phones and tablets.

Connect the device

Before starting the download process, connect the device to the computer using the manufacturer's USB cable. It is a good idea to check that the device has sufficient battery charge so that it does not power off during the installation process.

Download the file

Navigate to the Adobe website on the computer's browser, and then select the latest version of Adobe Flash for Android OS. Following the simple on-screen instructions download the file to the computer.

Transfer the file

After the download is complete, locate the APK file and copy it to the MicroSD card or internal storage on the Android device. Once the transfer is complete, the file is ready for installation.


To complete the installation, select the "File Manager" on the Android device to locate the APK and tap it to install. Following this, open an Internet browser, select the "Settings" option, and enable the Flash option. At this stage Flash is ready to use on the device.


Using Flash Player

Unfortunately, not all mobile Web browsers support Flash. In order to access and enjoy Flash sites, Android users need to use a Flash compatible browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Dolphin Browser.

Installing additional browsers

Android devices come with a default browser. To install additional browsers, users should go to the Android marketplace and download them in the same way as any other application purchase.

Using multiple browsers

After installation of new browsers is complete, users have the choice of which one to use at any given point. This means users do not have to select a single browser to use all of the time, and they have the option of downloading a browser only for use when accessing websites that still make heavy use of Flash.


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