How to Install a Home Security System

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How to Install a Home Security System

In today's world, home security is more important than ever before. News around the globe comes with stories about burglaries and other types of invasive and sometimes deadly home invasions. Homeowners everywhere are experiencing the benefits of home security systems, many of these benefits being simple and affordable to obtain. Learning how to install a home security system can be well worth the time of cautious homeowners.


Wireless Security Set-Up

Many homeowners avoid installing their own home security system due to the need for drilling holes in the walls and such. However, for many, the cost of hiring a professional installer is too great. The homeowner considering expenses and affordability might think about the low cost of installing their own wireless systems. The installation of wireless home security systems entails only the strategic placement of sensors in the home, usually on windows and around doorjambs. Some homeowners opt for the traditional systems due to the need for scheduled battery replacement in wireless system sensors.

Choosing only high quality electronic wireless systems is extremely important to having the most reliable protection. Some manufacturers offer several sensors in a DIY wireless home security kit while others include a few in a kit and provide information about purchasing more. The installation of most wireless systems for home security is simple, some requiring less than an hour of set-up.

Additional Wireless Home Security Options

Increasing home security means homeowners need to cover all the bases. From entryways to outdoor property, knowing every area has protection can offer homeowners peace of mind.  

Many products are available for increasing home security:


Security Product


Automatic security light

Provides instant lighting in outdoor areas

Simple installation


Individual door and window alarms

Easy installation

Complements both wireless and traditional home systems

Doorstop alarms

No installation

Portable for security in hotels and motels


Not all homes require these security measures. Depending on a homeowner's personal desires, as well as the local crime rate, a complete security system might call for more or less or these devices.


Traditional Security System Considerations

Homeowners choosing DIY systems generally are doing so to save money on hiring a professional technician and installer, and in some cases, they choose this option because wireless systems simply do not offer them enough peace of mind. When it comes to more sophisticated, traditional wired systems, installation usually involves following manufacturer instructions and setting aside more time for drilling holes and running wiring loops.

Before homeowners begin installation of any type of home security system, making sure the necessary tools are on hand is important for saving time, money, and sheer aggravation. Most manufacturers of home security kits include detailed instructions about the tools necessary to use for successful installation of a particular system.

Video Camera Surveillance Options

Video camera surveillance is a traditional option with many home security systems. For many homeowners, especially those away from home a great deal of the time, video surveillance provides a special reassurance of everything being safe at home.

The installation of video cameras can be easy, the hardest aspect being the discreet placement of cameras, especially those that belong outdoors. Making sure cameras are in areas that provide a good view in any weather is important for successful monitoring away from home. Video surveillance cameras can allow homeowners to see their homes from a computer or mobile device. Some systems include webcam monitoring that alerts homeowners by email in the event of movement, a nice benefit for people living in high crime areas.


How to Buy Home Security Systems On eBay

Home security is important for a homeowner's peace of mind and for protecting the homeowner's property investment. Homeowners considering a DIY project for the installation of a home security system should explore all the options available from sellers on eBay. Through thorough research, homeowners can not only save money, but also sleep better at night without worrying about crimes like home invasions and burglaries. When it comes to home security and protection, the investment a homeowner makes is worthwhile and pays off.

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