How to Install a Wardrobe Storage Solution

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How to Install a Wardrobe Storage Solution

For most homeowners, the wardrobe is one of the most cluttered areas of the house. Whether the wardrobe is too small or simply too full, the items inside can quickly become dishevelled and difficult to locate. For a wardrobe to function properly, it must be organised, which means everything should have a place. Fortunately, there are many storage solutions available, and installing one is a snap.


Choose a storage solution

Because wardrobes come in a vast array of shapes and sizes, it is often quite challenging to find a storage solution that fits perfectly. It is, however, possible.

Measure the wardrobe

Measuring the wardrobe is the first step in the process. The height, width, and depth are all important, so accurate measurements are essential. A measuring tape is ideal for this task, because it is flexible enough to manoeuver easily in small spaces.

Consider the items in storage

Each person's clothing and accessories differ, so considering those is also important. One person may need ample storage for shoes, while another has only two or three pairs. Make a list of the items in the wardrobe, and come up with a basic idea of the unit required. Storage units come with a variety of shelves, hanging bars, and hooks. Get a basic estimate of how many of each is needed before making a purchase.

Make a sketch

Draw out all features, including shelves, hooks, baskets, and hanging rods, of the ideal storage solution. Mark where each set of items will go, and label accordingly. When the sketch is finished, it is time to proceed to purchasing storage items.

Choose a storage solution

Ask a few questions before making a final decision. Is appearance important? Some wardrobe storage solutions are unsightly, while others are made of beautiful wood and other materials. Can some items be moved to other locations? Sometimes random items get thrown into a wardrobe when better storage is available elsewhere. Cross items off your list if this is true. Use your final list to purchase the ideal storage solutions.


Install the storage solution

Once the proper storage system is located, it is time for installation. Generally, ready-made sets come with their own instructions, but many homeowners opt to construct their own system from a variety of items.

Sketch the layout

Using the sketch developed earlier, adjust the measurements and design to match the items actually purchased. This step should not take a lot of tweaking; if it does, simply start over with a new sketch.

Remove everything

Before installation, remove everything from the wardrobe. Remove the doors as well for easier access to the interior.

Paint the wardrobe

If the wardrobe needs a fresh coat of paint, now is the ideal time. Allow the paint to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Locate the studs

Locate the studs behind each wall, and mark them with a pencil. This will save time and possible mistakes later.

Install the support rails

Most organising systems come with support rails, which run either horizontally or vertically. Find these rails, mark the holes, and insert screws to hold them securely to the wall. Home Depot recommends using hollow-wall anchors for any holes that do not line up with a wall stud.

Assemble the pieces

The next step is to assemble the individual pieces that came with the storage set. These may include drawers, shelves, hanging rods, and cabinets. Specific instructions for each set should be included, so follow the steps to install each piece.

Attach the storage pieces to the support rails

Once the pieces are all constructed, attach them securely to the support rails. The manufacturer provides instructions for this step as well.

Add the hardware

Some kits come with knobs, pulls, or other hardware. Install these items now, before cleaning up any leftover mess.

Replace the wardrobe items

Now that the system is installed, adjust the shelves and storage containers to the ideal heights and measurements. Then, place all clothing items and accessories neatly into the wardrobe.


How to buy a wardrobe storage solution on eBay

Browsing online for wardrobe storage solution systems is a great way to see a variety of items and how they work. The sellers on eBay offer many different solutions for you to choose from. Browse the listings by category, or search for specific terms like "hanging rod" or "adjustable shelving unit". If you are anxious to get the job done, look for local sellers who may be willing to arrange a local pickup. With any luck, your wardrobe is organised and ready to use quickly.

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