How to Make Birthday Cards

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How to Make Birthday Cards

A homemade birthday card is a great way to send personalized birthday wishes to a friend or family member. There are many styles of birthday card that can be made, all of which use different materials that can easily be found in brick and mortar stores or online. Choose between these homemade birthday cards that are fun to make and look great.


Themed Birthday Card

This card is broad enough that it can be used for almost anyone’s birthday. Think about what the person loves or is passionate about. Then begin gathering materials for the card. Materials for this card include a piece of cardstock, a good pen for writing the birthday message, and stamps or stickers that match the theme.

Draw or paint on the card instead of using stamps or stickers, if preferred. After gathering the materials, plan the layout of the card design. Fold the piece of cardstock in half and use the stamps and stickers, then add a heartfelt birthday message, and the card will be complete.


Peekaboo Birthday Card

This easy-to-make card allows for a personal image. To make it, get a piece of cardstock, scissors or a utility knife, double-sided tape, and the material needed to fill the window. This could be a photo, a piece of fabric with a nice pattern on it, or a drawing.

Fold the cardstock into thirds. Then, open the card and cut a window in the middle panel. Place the material or photo over the window, facing out, and tape it down. Then, fold the first panel over the second panel and tape it down so the back of the material is covered. The result will be a typical two panel card. Write your greeting on the right fold.


Pop-Up Birthday Card

The pop-up birthday card is a little tricky to make, but the results are great. To begin, get a piece of cardstock in a light colour, card making paper to draw on, markers, scissors, a glue stick, a craft knife, and a pencil.

Fold the cardstock in half. On the fold, use the craft knife to make two parallel cuts that are about 1.5 centimetres long. After making the cuts, the flap that has been created should be creased in order to make the pop-up. Push the flap into the card, and then pinch the middle of the flap to create a sharp crease.

Decide what item should pop-up out of the card. This could be a typical birthday item, like a balloon or a cake, or it could be something more personal. Draw the outline of the item and then colour it in. Then, cut out the item and glue it to the flap inside the card. To finish the card, decorate the front and create a message inside the card.



A personalized, handmade card is a great gift to give any friend or family member on their birthday. With a little creativity and skill, it is easy to create a card that will surprise and delight the recipient. Finding materials for a birthday card, or even inspiration, is easy online.

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