How to Make Birthday Cards with Photos

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Personalised photo greeting cards make a memorable keepsake. The thoughtfulness that goes into creating the cards outweighs the professional look of a store-bought card any day, and with the right image editing software, the right photo printing paper, and the right photo printer, the homemade cards can offer the same professional look as those on the store shelves. Anyone can create fun and memorable cards with just a few simple steps to follow.


Choose the Perfect Photo

When creating a photo birthday card, the focus on the card will be the photo, so it needs to be a good one. The photo can be digital, or printed, just as long as it captures the spirit of the individual and puts them in a good light. The image needs to be at least four inches by six inches to ensure the resolution remains the same when edited for the card.

Edit the Photo

If the photo is on paper, it needs to scan to a digital format. Once the photo is in digital format, edit it to fit the design of the birthday card. Size the image appropriately to match the size of the card, generally around four inches wide and six inches tall. Add a border or frame around the picture for added effect, and use image-editing software to change the resolution, the background, or the sharpness of the image.

Find the Ideal Text for the Photo Birthday Card

For those people who are not great with words, there are plenty of places online that offer some inspiration. Search through online quotes, inspirational sayings, and greeting card ideas until the perfect one jumps out. Alter the text to create a more personalised touch, and of course, the font and the colour changed to match the theme of the card.


Put the Photo Birthday Card Together

Use Microsoft Word, a greeting card software programme, or an online programme to put the card together. Using the Greeting card software or the online programme is ideal for beginners. For more advanced users, Microsoft Office is a good solution. Line the image up properly, add the text, and set the printer to print front and back. 


Print the Photo Birthday Card

Use quality photo printer paper when printing any image. There is greeting card paper that is photo quality, and it is much easier to fold than ordinary photo paper, for a professional look. If photo paper is not available, any printer paper works, but does not offer that glossy look of a more professional store bought card.

Use a Good Photo Printer

There is a variety of good photo printers on the market. The printer does not have to be expensive, and it does not have to be commercial quality, many personal home printers have the capability of printing out perfect photos.


Printer Model


HP Photosmart C310A

9600 by 2400 dpi

Canon Pixma iP100

9600 by 2400 dpi

Epson PictureMate Charm PM 225

5760 by 1440 dpi

Kodak ESP C310

9600 by 9600 dpi

HP Photosmart D110A

4800 by 1200 dpi


As long as the printer offers decent resolution, and the right photo printer paper is used, the quality will be fine for the photo birthday card. There is no need to spend a fortune on a photo printer; some of the most affordable ones on the market create images comparable to some of the most expensive models.


How to Buy Supplies to Make Photo Birthday Cards on eBay

If you want to create a personalised birthday greeting for someone you love, what better way to do than with a photo birthday card? You can find all the supplies you need from reliable sellers on eBay to create professional-looking, fun, and memorable cards. Just enter 'photo birthday card' into the search bar at the top of the page for instant results. You can find supplies that are more specific by entering a more specific search term.

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