How to Make Roman Blinds

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How to Make Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are perfect for keeping out strong sunlight on hot summer days as well as adding a touch of colour to the window frames. These pleated fabric blinds blend beautifully into casual lounge or bedroom décor. Making Roman blinds from the fabric of your choice can be easy with the right knowledge and tools.


Cut Fabric to Size

To determine how to cut the fabric, first measure the dimensions of the window. Add 15 cm to the height of the window to allow for the pleats in the blind as well as 8 cm to the width to account for the hems. Cut the fabric to size using a sharp pair of scissors.


Hem the Fabric

Double-hemming the edges of the fabric will prevent them from fraying. Create a double hem on each side of the blind by folding 2 cm of fabric over from the front to the reverse, then fold another 2 cm over again. Use a straight sewing stitch to secure the hem in place. The quickest way to create these hems is to use a sewing machine, although it is also possible to create them with careful hand-stitching and plenty of patience.


Make the Pleats

Decide how many pleats the Roman blind will have, add 0.5 to this number and divide the total length of the blind by the result to get the position of the first pleat from the top of the blind. Doubling and tripling this number will give the positions of the second and third pleats, leaving half a pleat’s length at the bottom of the blind. Mark these positions on the reverse of the blind, then fold the material so that each pleat points toward the back of the blind. Stitch each pleat close to the fold to keep it in place.


Attach the Blind to the Batten

The best way to attach the Roman blind to the batten is to stick a strip of sticky-backed Velcro to the batten, using staples if the adhesive is not strong enough, while the other half of the Velcro is sewn onto the top of the blind. Attaching the blind in this way means that it can easily be removed from the batten for cleaning.


Add Rings to the Pleats and Thread the Blind Cords

Sew two clear plastic rings onto each pleat from the back of the blind, making sure that the rings attached to each pleat are perfectly in line. Add screw eyes to the batten in line with these rings. Tie the blind cords to the bottom set of rings, then thread these cords through the rings and through the screw eyes. Feed these cords through the screw eyes and pull them to one side of the blind. Pulling on these cords will pull up each pleat, opening the blind and causing the fabric to fall into beautiful pleats. Tie this cord to a fastener attached to the window frame to keep the blind open during the day. At night, simply untie the cord to let the blind close.



Roman blinds are a beautiful addition to any room. Use thick, dark-coloured fabric to shut out more light, or use lighter fabric to create blinds that let in sunlight while providing privacy. Many types of fabrics suitable for making Roman blinds are available to buy from online retailers such as eBay.

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