How to Make Time To Exercise

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How to Make Time to Exercise

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All too often we stop exercising because we are too busy working. Business as usual activities seem far more urgent then doing something for ourselves.

If you want to make the most of your vibration machine or any other equipment you buy you need to use it ;)

We all know that to get results we need to take action AND we need to do things differently to what we are doing. so here are ways to help you get motivated and make time to do something great for yourself...

1 Think of the times you dropped evertying to get to something even though you knew to do so will be putting you under pressure. What was it that motivated you to go? What benefits did you belive you would be getting by going? Find the same reasons to exercise

2. Consider the consequences of not exercising. The weight you will not lose, the stress relief you will not get, the binikis you will dread getting into... The more you can make it hurt the more you will be motivated to exercise

3. Invite people to train with you. Training with others can help us keep our commitment to ourselves

4. have a reason for exercising and think of it often. Put it up (in picture form) in the area you work out in.

5. Do it first, get it over and done with.

THE BEST ONE - 6. Make it a habit eg you get up and you exercise,  you drop the kids off to school and then you exercise, you exercise while watching your favourite program. The more it is a routine, the more you don't think about NOT doing!

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