How to Make a DIY Billy Bookcase

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How to Make a DIY Billy Bookcase

Book lovers understand the importance of shelving units to keep their book collections organised neatly and off the floor. However, it is sometimes difficult to find the space for furniture in small rooms or rooms with a lot of nooks and crannies. Billy bookcases, which attach to and match the size of the wall in a room, are a perfect solution when there is limited space available for a bookcase. The best way to get the perfect Billy bookcase to complement any room is to build one from scratch.


Take Wall Measurements

Before beginning the process of shopping for supplies to build a DIY Billy bookcase, measure the width and height of the wall. Accurate measurements allow the builder to get an idea of how much wood he or she needs to complete the project. When measuring the width of the wall, it is important to hold the measuring tape parallel with the floor, and hold the measuring tape perpendicular with the floor when measuring the height of the wall. It is also important to consider whether the finished bookcase should cover the entire wall or if some space should remain on the top or sides of the bookcase.


Buy the Necessary Supplies

With measurements for the bookcase in hand, it is time to shop for the necessary supplies. First, purchase several wooden boards sized according to the dimensions of the intended bookcase. Wooden boards intended for the outer sides of the bookcase should be at least the length of the height of the wall, while boards intended for the inner shelves can be much shorter. Other supplies include a saw, a large quantity of nails and screws, a hammer, a power drill, and some paint.

Choosing a Paint Colour and Finish

For optimal results, select a paint colour that either matches the wall or otherwise complements the room. Most Billy bookcases match the colour of the walls to which they attach, but it is also acceptable to paint the bookcase another colour. Another thing to consider is the finish of the paint. The main finishes available are matte, satin, and semi-gloss. It is important to choose a paint finish that is consistent with one's overall vision for the bookcase. Matte, satin, and semi-gloss finishes all produce different effects.


Assemble the Bookcase

To assemble the bookcase, horizontally nail smaller cuts of wood between two longer, symmetrical cuts of the wood. The longer pieces of wood serve as the outer edges, while the smaller pieces comprise the shelves. When sawing the shelf pieces to size, take care to ensure they are all symmetrical. If creating a very wide bookcase, it is most efficient to create several slender bookcases using this method and then nail them together side-by-side along the wall.
Since the bookcase rests along the wall, it is not necessary to create a back for the bookcase. After nailing together the wooden pieces, paint the wood and allow it to dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step. The final step is to fasten the bookcase to the wall using either a power drill or hammer and some nails.


How to Buy Supplies for a DIY Billy Bookcase on eBay

All of the supplies you need to create your dream Billy bookcase are conveniently available on eBay. Shop for supplies one at a time using the search feature located on any eBay page. After searching for relevant keywords, narrow your search results by using filter criteria such as price range, brand, colour, or new or used status. Always read the full item description before submitting payment to verify that the item is in good condition and meets all of your requirements.

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