How to Make a DIY Compost Bin Barrel

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How to Make a DIY Compost Bin Barrel

Composting is an important part of any garden or landscaping endeavour and adds to the eco-friendliness of a home. By repurposing food and kitchen waste into compost, a home can become more efficient and gardens can flourish. In order to produce the best compost, homeowners need a compost bin barrel, which they can make easily with a few basic supplies. By also exploring retail options such as eBay that provide easier access than brick-and-mortar vendors to a wide range of goods, homeowners can put together a composting system in no time.


Assembling the Supplies

Composting systems can be basic aerated containers or involve more complex designs that allow homeowners to "tumble" the compost. Building a basic system involves either a food grade plastic barrel, such as one used to store pickles, or a large, plastic garden trash can with a lid. To build a frame for a tumbling compost bin, consumers need to first assemble some lumber and hardware.  

Hardware Supplies for a Tumbling Compost Bin Barrel

Building a tumbling compost bin barrel requires assembling a basic frame that holds the compost bin barrel slightly above ground and allows it to rotate. To do this, gather timber, a plastic drum or barrel, and a PVC pipe.
Additionally, consumers want a solid hammer on hand, as well as a set of nails long enough to hammer through two layers of the purchased timber. It is also necessary to have a drill on hand to create holes in the barrel for the PVC pipe as well as hinges and a hasp to create a door on the side of the barrel.


Creating a Basic Compost Bin Barrel

The easiest method for creating a compost bin barrel begins with a standard garden trash can made from plastic. Using a hand drill or electric drill, create columns of holes in the side of the trash can that allow the substances inside to aerate and oxidise. Space each column of holes about 25 cm apart and space the holes within each column about 12 cm apart. The holes should be no wider than a standard drill bit's circumference, providing enough space for air to flow through without providing enough room for rodents or other vermin to get into the compost.

What to Compost

With this simple bin setup, homeowners can then add in various kitchen and yard waste. All organic food wastes, including eggshells and coffee grounds, can go into the composting bin. Adding layers of newspaper strips every 30 cm or so is a good idea. Do not use glossy newspaper; instead, stick with standard newsprint, which uses soy-based inks. Once the compost bin is full, allow it to sit for a season and then use the resulting compost as needed in a garden or landscape.


Creating a Compost Bin Barrel Frame for Tumbling

Some may prefer to tumble compost to get the best mix. Drill a hole at the top and bottom of the drum or bin so that the length of PVC pipe can run straight through. Take two pieces of the timber and nail them into an X-frame. Repeat with two more pieces of timber. Nail these two X-frames together using the two remaining pieces of timber as supports at the bottom.
Lay the barrel with the inserted PVC pipe across the joined X-frames. Cut a section out of the side of the barrel and reattach using hinges to create a door and attaching a hasp lock to hold the door shut. Drill a row of evenly spaced holes that runs around the entire circumference of the barrel on either side of the door.


How to Buy Composting Supplies on eBay

Homeowners with a green thumb have access to a wide range of composting supplies on eBay. To find anything from a pickle barrel to the lumber needed for a frame, just run a keyword search using the search bar found on any page on the site. The resulting list contains every product on eBay related to that keyword term.
For anyone maintaining a garden or landscape, having compost on hand is an essential part of the process. By building either a tumbling frame or a basic composting bin, consumers can get what they need to help their plants, flowers, and vegetables thrive.

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