How to Position Wakeboard Bindings

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How to Position Wakeboard Bindings

Wakeboarding is a water sport that combines snowboarding, skiing, and surfing, making proper foot position critical for the right level of control. This is where wakeboard bindings come in, as they dictate where the rider's feet sit. Binding position also plays a major role in the skill of the wakeboarder, and there are different positions for different levels of expertise. Once someone properly places the bindings, it is important to ensure they are secure and snug or else the wakeboarder is at risk for injuries.


Looking at the Parts Associated With Wakeboard Bindings

When a jet ski or boat is pulling someone along, comfortable and secure bindings are critical for the best ride and optimal safety. Bindings should accommodate the toes and support the arch of the foot. Several pieces come together to create bindings that are comfortable, safe, and functional.


The overlay provides firm foot support and holds the heel and toe pieces together. It is constructed of thick materials, but still allows a little stretching for optimal movement.


The underlay is located between the top of the foot and the overlay. It is made of soft materials to prevent binding or pinching in the foot.


The footbed absorbs shocks and cushions the bottom of the foot. Its cushy material relieves pressure on the knees and ankles and prevents the foot from slipping.


The baseplate is located between the binding and the board. It is only minimally flexible, but generally adjustable.

Adjustment Tools

Tightening the straps and ties allows a person to adjust the bindings after they are in place. Lubricate difficult bindings with a specially made lubricant for bindings to allow for easy adjustment. The rider can also choose to loosen or tighten the bindings by disassembling the boot, but this is more difficult and more time consuming.


Wakeboard Binding Set Up for Beginner Riders

The stance is what riders start with when learning forward riding, basic hops and jumps, deepwater starts, and carving and turning. Place the back binding a great distance from the centre so that the rear fin carries most of the rider's weight. This allows new riders greater navigation and turning control. The front binding should be 15 to 27 degrees and point toward the front part of the board. The back binding should be at 0 degrees.


Wakeboard Binding Set Up for Intermediate Riders

Intermediate riders are those who know the basics and are ready for an increase in wakeboarding difficulty. Move the wakeboard bindings forward just slightly. When the bindings are more toward the board's centre, the rider is able to do tricks more easily and improve their overall riding ability.
A centre stance make it easier to perform riding backward surface tricks, to spin, and to complete many other tricks that people learn after mastering riding basics. Look at the front foot and gradually reduce the angle after improving basic wakeboarding skills. The front binding should be around 18 degrees and the back binding should be 0 to 9 degrees.


Wakeboard Binding Set Up for Expert Riders

Bindings at this stage allow for the most neutral stance in which riders place the bindings a few inches back from the board's centre. This looks like the stance most people have when standing still on land. The feet angle outward slightly, and both the front binding and back binding are at 9 degrees. This stance allows riders the greatest ability for riding in both directions.


How to Buy Wakeboard Bindings on eBay

The right wakeboard bindings provide comfort, stability, and comfort when someone is riding on a wakeboard. Not all bindings are equal and it is important to shop around and get to know the materials before making a purchase. Start by shopping on eBay for 'wakeboard bindings' or just 'wakeboard' to find whole wakeboards and other associated pieces and parts. Shoppers can also search for the individual parts, such as 'baseplate' and 'footbed' to narrow down the list to the parts a person needs. Just make sure that all parts purchased fit the wakeboard.

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