How to Program a Merlin M802 Remote Control Transmitter

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The M802 Remote Control

The M802 remote first came into service in the late 1980's operating under the dipswitch coding system.

The M802 was the replacement for the much older 2100 red button remote, as well as the M800 blue button remote. Operating on 40.865MHz the M802 is only of very few remotes to ever operate on this frequency.
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The Dipswitches

To program in the M802 remote control, you will require access to ideally another remote control that is still operating the motor. By sliding off the visor holder and removing the front battery cover, you can access these switches as seen in the picture to the right.

You will need to do this to both your new remote, and your old remote. If your old remote is no longer accessible, you will need access to the motor board to locate the switches on it.

Garage Remotes strongly recommends that you disconnect the motor from power before you look for the dipswitch board in your old motor, as a good portion of the older motors circuit boards were 240V live.

The Programming Steps

Step 1: Once both your old and new remote have their dip switches exposed, replicate the switches positioning from your old remote into your new M802
Step 2:  Check the operation of your new remote control!
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