How to Program a Merlin M842 Remote Control Transmitter

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Merlin M842 Garage Transmitter
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Merlin M842 Garage Transmitter

The M842 Remote Control

The M842 remote control came into use around 1993, replacing the older dipswitch M802 remote control. The M842 was Merlin's first hopping code remote control, and a step away from the older dipswitch technology

Drastically reducing the size of the remote control, the M842 is more than half the size of the M802 transmitter and still has the two buttons. See below for the motors the M842 can operate!

The Roller Motors

The Overhead Openers
Merlin M430R Control Panel
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Merlin M430R Control Panel

Locating the Learn Button

Whether it's on the M230T or the M430R, you will need to remove the lamp cover from your motor.

Once you have done so, there should be a thin, green strip - Simply remove this, and you will expose a panel similar to the image on the right.

The Learn button is marked as such and is usually red in colour.

The Programming Steps

Once you've located the "Learn" button, programming in your M842 remote will take less than ten seconds.

Step 1: Press the Learn button for 1-2 seconds
Step 2: Press the desired button on your remote control twice
Step 3: Test the operation of your new remote control!

Deleting Codes From A Motor

Does your garage motor have a full memory bank, or have you misplaced your garage door remote? No worries! Deleting remote controls from your garage door is just as easy.

Step 1: Hold down the Learn button for 12 seconds
Step 2: Test your remote to ensure it is no longer paired to your door!
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