How to Program an ATA PTX4 Remote Control Transmitter

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Blue PTX-4 Remote Transmitter
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Blue PTX-4 Remote Transmitter

The PTX4 Remote Control

First coming into use in October 2000, the PTX4 remote control has risen to become one of the most popular remotes in the Australian market.

The PTX4 remote control is compatible with a wide variety of motors. See below for a list of the more commonly used units!

The Roller Openers
GDO 4v3, GDO 4v4, GDO 4v5, GDO 4v6
GDO 6v1, GDO 6v2

The Overhead (Panel) Openers
GDO 2v5, GDO 2v6, GDO 2v7
GDO 7v1
GDO 9v1

Coming in either a blue or pink enclosure, this guide will show you how to program the PTX4.
GDO6 EasyRoller Door Code Button
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GDO6 EasyRoller Door Code Button

The "Door Code" Button

The PTX4 remote control programs directly off your garage door unit. 
On the control board of your door opener are a series of small buttons.

You're going to be looking for the blue "Door Code" button located under a small transparent cover that you can easily take off. Simply pull at the tab at the bottom of the cover.

The "Door Code" button is generally found on the bottom row of buttons, in the middle.

The Programming Steps

Once you've located the Door Code button, programming in your PTX4 remote will take less than ten seconds.

Step 1. Press and hold the blue door code button. You're going to be holding this down, until step 4.
Step 2. Press and hold the desired transmitter button down for two seconds, and let go.
Step 3. Press and hold the same transmitter button down for another two seconds, then let go.
Step 4. Release the Door Code button, and test the operation of your new remote control!

Deleting Codes From A Motor

Does your garage motor have a full memory bank, or have you misplaced your garage door remote? No worries! Deleting remote controls from your garage door is just as easy.

Step 1. Turn power off to the opener
Step 2. Push and hold the blue "Door Code" button, and turn power back onto the motor. Keep holding down the "Door Code" button!
Step 3. The motor will go through a series of flashes and beeps, as the codes are deleted. Just wait for the fast beep, and the LED will go out.
Step 4. Test to make sure your PTX4's no longer operate the motor!

If you're still having some issues, please see the below  visual guide released by National Garage, showing you how to code in your  PTX4.
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