How to Properly Install Speakers in Your Wall and Ceiling

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How to Properly Install Speakers in Your Wall and Ceiling

Installing speakers in your walls and ceilings is something that can be done by trained professionals or, in order to save money, homeowners can also do it themselves. If a homeowner has a high quality home entertainment system, he or she wants to ensure that the sound quality of the speaker set up is at its absolute best. Once a homeowner has decided on which brand of speakers to purchase, they can then shop for the necessary materials needed to do the home installation. These materials can be purchased either at electronics shops or on eBay. Before purchasing the required tools, however, it’s important to understand the different safety measures and tools needed to perform the installation as well as the order of steps in the installation process.


Safety Tips

There are a number of safety issues to consider before beginning the installation process. First of all, make sure to understand the fire codes both in the house or building and in the local municipal area. Different municipalities have different restrictions and do-it-yourselfers should be careful to abide by these or else they could present a fire hazard. There are also a number of obstacles behind the walls and ceilings that are important to avoid, such as electrical wires and water pipes.
Take extra caution when working on a ladder so as not to fall or injure oneself. When working in the attic or basement, make sure to keep the environment at a safe temperature and to stay hydrated when working in the heat. When using a power saw or drill, make sure the area behind the wall is clear before using it and always turn off the power when drilling to avoid the risk of electrical shock.


Prepping for Installation

Leave time for planning and preparation before beginning your project. The installation requires high charged electronics that should be purchased and used carefully. The first step in planning is deciding where to put the speakers.

Find a Spot

Most speaker installations will be restricted by the space of the room. Furniture or other elements will help dictate where the speakers should go. A general rule of thumb is to place the speakers at equal distances from each other in order to ensure consistent and balanced audio projection. Speakers installed in the ceilings direct sound downward while wall speakers bounce the sound off of opposing walls and other objects in the room.

Make Sure the Walls and Ceilings are Safe

Now it’s time to use a stud finder that detects studs, AC cables and water pipes that can make drilling and sawing dangerous. These speakers should fit between two studs or joists and will ideally be in the centre of the room in order to guarantee the best sound.

Drywall Cutting

Once homeowners have found the spots where they wish to install their speakers, it’s time to cut the drywall so the speakers can be fitted. If the speakers are round, trace the outline of it on the wall and drill two small holes on either side. Then use a drywall saw to move around the outline of the circle. For rectangular speakers, trace the outline and drill two small holes in opposite corners. Then use a drywall saw to drill around the outline. Then remove any excess debris from inside of the hole.


Begin Installation

First, make sure that all of the necessary tools are nearby before beginning installation. This includes a utility knife, masking tape, a pencil, a level and measuring tape. Follow the speaker’s manual to find out which kind of screwdriver to use to install your speakers and have a pair of wire strippers that work on the wire gauge of the speakers.
Next, pack the hole with insulation to get better sound quality and use the same amount on every hole. Place the speaker into the hole and use a handheld screwdriver to slowly tighten the screws. Try not to crack the drywall or bend the speaker frame at all. It should be a gentle but secure fit.
After the speakers are installed, homeowners will want to test the sound. If there are not a lot of cushioned objects in the room, it might sound a little tinny. This can be adjusted by the tone controls that can lower the treble.


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