How to Protect your Glass

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Protect Your Glass

How to Permanently Protect your glass - keeping it in tip top condition + cut your cleaning time
Your glassy dream requires a focussed regime of maintenance  - think of it just like a car - maintenance is required.    
Here, we will discuss a innovative permanent protective coating for your glass products, that we thoroughly endorse - Enduroshield
Permanent protective coating products can be used on a wide range of glasses, including those  indoors, as well as outdoors as well as shower screens, balustrades and windows.
The good news to you, is you are unlikely to have to follow your regime to replace the coating for around 3 years, depending on the environmental conditions. By applying a permanent protective coating, to your glass your cleaning time is cut down by around 90%.
Importantly, these permanent protecting covers come to you in a DIY kit format. The Do It Yourself kit offers you an unparalleled freedom in selecting the glass products you want to protect.
Since we at CGA always try our best to offer you a customised, ideal solution in all your glassy needs, we felt we needed to highlight this great product to you. More information can be found on (INSERT THE YOUTUBE LINK) - use this one it is the least annoying of the American videos
This great product is stocked in our CGA online store and our EBay store - so want to cut your cleaning time - then let us help you

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