How to Put Music on a Mini SD Card

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How to Put Music on a Mini SD Card

In today’s world of electronic devices, it can be difficult to keep up with changing technology. Many devices now use mini SD cards to store music files, such as cell phones and MP4 players. In order to put music on these mini SD cards, the computer must be able to read them. The computer may be equipped with a card slot, which is the easiest way to allow the card to interact with the computer.

Most computers have standard SD card slots, but not all have mini or micro SD slots. For those that don’t, a mini adapter can be used to convert the mini to a standard SD card.

To get this project started, an external card reader, a computer, and a mini to standard SD card adapter will be needed. The computer or external card reader should be checked to determine whether an adapter is needed or not. If so, the procedures below cannot be started until one is available.


Simple Steps to Put Music on a Mini SD Card

Assuming a mini to standard SD card adapter is being used, start by loading the mini SD card into the adapter. The adapter is equipped with a “lock” position, so it should be in the closed position whenever in use. If forgotten, the music files will not write to the card and the file transfer will be unsuccessful.

Step 1: Insert SD Card Adapter into Card Reader

Insert the external card readers’ USB connection into the computer. Then insert the SD card adapter into the card reader or directly into the computer. Windows 7 will automatically recognize the SD card, so no additional software is required. The AutoPlay window will appear.

Step 2: View Files

Click the Open Folder to View Files option from the AutoPlay menu. Another method is to hold down the Windows key while pressing the E key, which will activate Windows Explorer. Find and click on the music folder.

Step 3: Erase or Edit Old Files

When running a previously used mini SD card, it may be desirable to edit or removed its current files. The easiest time to do this is before new files are added. While viewing the current file inventory, delete or move existing music files no longer wanted.

Step 4: Copy Files

Review the music files in the folder and locate the files that are to be copied over to the SD card. Highlight the files by running the cursor over their names or clicking on the names while holding down the Control key. The Control key allows more than one file to be selected, even when they are not sequential. If the files are sequential, hold down the Shift key while highlighting multiple files. Once highlighted, right click to bring up the copy command or hold down the Control (Ctrl) key while pressing C to copy.

Step 5: Move and Paste the Files

Click the mini SD card drive’s device letter to open the card. In other words, the SD card, when connected, was assigned a drive letter to easily locate it and its files. Clicking on the contents will bring the cursor over to the correct drive and that is where the files will be pasted. Holding down the Control key along with the V will copy the files, or right-clicking will bring up a menu that includes the paste command. Either will work perfectly. Paste the files onto the SD Card. The software will bring up a bar that will indicate when the copying has been completed.


How to Find Mini SD Cards and Supplies on eBay

Finding music supplies of every kind on eBay can save time because it is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces. Electronics and computer supplies, parts, and equipment are sold by a large variety of sellers, which means there are many options. Having the ability to shop in one place for everything makes research product offerings a snap. One of the biggest conveniences of shopping on eBay is range of prices that can be found, particularly with cell phones, MP4 players, and SD card adapters, where most sellers offer the auction option. Auctions often result in purchases that are well below manufacturer’s suggested retail prices, and even better than retail sale prices.

Start this shopping experience in the “Phone” category, which is where memory cards, adapters, readers, and other peripherals and supply sub-categories are located. New computers that have mini SD card slots can also be found by searching in the “Computer” subcategory under “Electronics.”

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