How to Re-use Candle Jars

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How to Re-use Candle Jars

Many candles come in beautiful glass jars. It would be a waste to throw them away once the candle is gone. Luckily, it there are many ways to reuse candle jars.


Preparing the Jars

Before a project can be started, the jars must be cleaned. To remove candle wax, follow these steps:

1. Place the candle jar on a candle warmer or on a heating pad until the wax melts.

2. Hold the candle with heat protecting gloves or oven mitts.

3. Pour the wax into the trash.

4. Use paper towels to wipe the wax residue from the inside of the candle jar.

5. When the jar is cool, wash with dish soap and warm water.

6. Dry the jars or let them air dry.


Reuse Ideas

There is almost limitless list of ways candle jars can be reused. They can be used as-is for storage, or can be transformed into new items.

Storage Containers

The most obvious way to reuse jars would be as decorative containers. Jars without lids can be used as pencil holders, storage for makeup brushes, or a place to put small items that need to be kept tidy. Jars with lids can be used to store cotton balls in the bathroom, wrapped candies in the living room or dried herbs in the kitchen.

Decorative Lights

Candle jars started their lives as luminaries and can continue to light up a room with a little crafting. Decorate the jar by drawing on it with glass markers or glass paint. Use a glass bit to drill a small hole into the side of the jar. Thread twinkle lights through the hole and arrange them inside the jar. The jar will be a colourful addition to a dark nook.


Some candle jars are made with coloured glass, making them ideal for use in mosaics. Put the jars into a cloth bag and crush them using a hammer. Use the shards to create a mosaic on a wall, storage box, flower pot or any item that needs sprucing up. Be sure to wear thick protective gloves during this craft.

Succulent Terrarium

Jars that are made from clear glass can be used to make mini terrariums. Simply pour a thin layer of pebbles into the bottom of the jar. Then, add a layer of soil and plant small succulents, ivy or other plants that don't need much room to grow.

Faux Milk Glass

Milk glass is a popular item to decorate with. Candle jars can be transformed into faux milk glass in minutes. Pour a little acrylic house paint into the jar. Slowly rotate the jar at an angle until the inside of the jar is coated with paint. Then, pour the excess paint back into the paint can. Let the jars dry overnight. The glass will have a milky, colourful finish.

Snow Globes

A good homemade gift is snow globes crafted with candle jars that have lids. Use E6000 glue to attach plastic trees, toys and miniatures to the inside of the lid. Fill the jar with water and add a few pinches of glitter to the water. Coat the rim of the jar with plastic cement and attach the lid. Let the plastic cement dry before turning the snow globe over.

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