How to Recork a Champagne Bottle

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How to Recork a Champagne Bottle

Not just for special events, champagne is a sparkling accompaniment for everyday occasions. Only sparkling wine produced in the France's Champagne region using methode champenoise is champagne. If consumers cannot finish a bottle of champagne, they should recork the bottle to preserve the wine's taste and bubbles. Because the original cork deforms after opening, they can use specialised tools to reseal the bottle with ease. A variety of champagne and wine accessories is available from culinary shops and online resources, such as eBay.


Champagne Basics

A standard 750-ml champagne bottle contains enough wine for four flutes. Consumers should fill the flute two-thirds full, allowing them to swirl the glass and allow the wine's delicate fragrance and bubbles to play on the nose and palate. Although finishing the bottle when opened offers the best results in taste and palate feel, there are several methods to reseal the partially consumed bottle.

Proper Champagne Chilling

Champagne should be chilled before and after opening, ideally between 7 to 10 degrees C. Older vintages should be stored between 12 to 14 degrees C. If possible, consumers should keep champagne and other white wines in a dedicated wine refrigerator. An ice bucket filled with two-thirds water and one-third ice is a stylish way to chill the bottle 20 minutes before serving. Consumers should ensure the upper third of the bottle is above the water for optimum results.

Consumers should never freeze champagne to chill it quickly. The extreme cold damages the wine's subtle flavour and can ruin it if forgotten in the freezer. For a quick cool-down, consumers can place the bottle in the vegetable crisper in the refrigerator.


Recorking a Champagne Bottle

Consumers can use accessories intended to reseal a champagne bottle or improvised methods in a pinch. A partially consumed bottle of champagne keeps well in the refrigerator for up to five days. No matter which resealing method the consumer uses, the most important action is to keep it cold, since heat drives the effervescence out of the wine.

Vacuum Resealer

A vacuum resealing system comprises a set of caps and a compact hand pump that connects to a cap to draw the air out of an open bottle of wine. By creating a near-vacuum in the open space, the champagne stays fresh and the bubbles live to see another flute.

Champagne Stopper

champagne stoppers feature a mushroom-shaped top that covers the mouth and hooks under the outside lip to keep it tight. Durable and neutral, stainless steel is a good material for a champagne stopper.

Plastic Wrap

When there are no accessories handy to properly seal a partially opened bottle of champagne, consumers can cover the mouth of the bottle with a bit of plastic wrap and seal it with a rubber band around the neck.


Champagne Varieties

Normally acidic, champagne's character depends on the sugar content that develops during fermentation. The appellation on the wine label identifies the relative sugar content. Ultra brut champagne, with no sugar content at all, is perfect. Only flawless wine can create sugarless champagne, as sugar can camouflage flaws in the wine.


How to Buy Champagne Resealers on eBay

Once you decide which champagne resealing methods best suits your needs, enter the product name, such as 'champagne stopper' in the search window on any eBay page. You can browse the results or refine your search by refining your search by colour, product type, material, and condition. If you are unsure whether a particular champagne resealer or stopper is appropriate for your situation, contact the seller with your questions. Make sure to research each seller's buyer comments, feedback ratings, and seller policies.

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