How to Recycle Computer Parts

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How to Recycle Computer Parts

Throwing away old computer parts adds to landfill waste, so it important to find ways to reuse or repurpose them. There are several ways to recycle obsolete computer parts or those that are no longer working . Users can dispose of them by taking them to a recycling centre or find buyers and non-profit organisations interested in secondhand components. Computer users should research each option before deciding what to do. Reusing and repurposing parts requires some creativity, but makes something useful out of items otherwise destined for the rubbish dump. Shoppers can find the tools and supplies needed for repurposing projects at craft and hardware stores, or online from marketplaces such as eBay.

Dispose of Computer Parts

Before disposing of or breaking down computers, users should establish whether any working parts are viable for rebuilding affordable systems for home or business use. If the parts cannot be reused, it is important to dispose of them in a responsible manner. Users should contact their local councils for information about nearby recycling centres and non-profit organisations that collect electronic waste. Alternatively, they can find new owners for their computer parts or donate them.

Find New Owners for Computer Parts

Certain computer parts, such as graphics cards, become obsolete relatively quickly, so there is a market for used components. One of the main benefits of buying old parts is that it offsets the cost of upgrades and repairs.

Donate Computer Parts

Donating computer parts to non-profit organisations is another excellent option for recycling components. Many companies, including Earth Recovery Australia, refurbish old systems and redistribute rebuilt computers to those in need. Users can find lists of Australian companies that accept computer parts for refurbishing, redistribution, and recycling. Schools and colleges can also use these parts as teaching aids. Another option is to use components to educate kids and family members at home, or give them to neighbours and friends.

Reuse Computer Parts

Computer users should also investigate how they can adapt older technology to support new system components. For example, they can turn used routers into Wi-Fi repeaters to increase the range of their new wireless routers. To do this, upgrade the router's firmware, change its settings, and ensure that the network cable is long enough to connect the repeater to the computer.

An old computer makes an excellent network storage device or home theatre system. Alternatively, users can install it in the kitchen, workshop, or any room where the device comes in handy. Although keyboards, mice, and other peripherals have limited lifespans, users can save money by reusing these items with newer systems.

Repurpose Computer Parts

Computer components are ideal for numerous repurposing or upcycling projects. The table below lists several creative projects, the computer parts used for each of them, and the tools and supplies required.



Tools and Supplies

Cat home

Cathode ray tube (CRT) monitor

Work gloves


Screwdriver set

Cutting pliers

Paint and decorations

Cushion or blanket


Hard drive


Circuit board

Quartz movement with clock hands and appropriate batteries

Clock numbers

Polishing compound

Screwdriver set

Hammer, punch, and small chisel


Metal file or belt sander

Epoxy or strong glue

Pencil box

Circuit boards




Wall-mounted magnetic knife block

Hard drive

Hard drive magnets



Glue or epoxy

Hard drive secret safe

Hard drive shell

Screwdriver set


Circuit boards


Coloured wires


Soldering iron



Paint and paintbrush



Crafters should observe safety precautions and research specific components before opening or dismantling computers. Some components, such as cathode ray tubes, may retain a charge and used hard drive magnets are incredibly strong; trapping a finger or pinching flesh between two magnets causes injury.

How to Buy Supplies to Recycle Computer Parts on eBay

eBay sellers offer a variety of supplies and tools required for recycling computer parts. Use the search field, which you can access from every page, to find specific products. Simply type a phrase, such as " craft paint", into the field to see the items available. Remember to check eBay Deals for more great offers. There are numerous ways to recycle computer parts. Many buyers are interested in purchasing secondhand components and non-profit organisations accept donations. Alternatively, reuse the parts to build new computer systems or repurpose them to create practical and decorative items. If the computer parts cannot be used for another purpose, dispose of them in a responsible manner by contacting the local council for more information.

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