How to Recycle Picture Frames

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How to Recycle Picture Frames

Picture frames are a popular option for people to display their precious family photos while protecting them from any potential damage. Present in almost any home, picture frames are ideal for personalising the domestic environment and adding a touch of character and style to any room. Picture frames are available in various materials, ranging from wood to plastic. They also come in various styles and sizes. Most used picture frames are suitable for recycling, so users who want to dispose of their unwanted picture frames should not simply throw them away in the bin. Learning about how to recycle different types of picture frames can be of help for users who are not sure about the process.

Recycling Picture Frames According to Material

From vintage picture frames to contemporary ones, there are numerous styles to choose from when shopping for this kind of decorative items. Most of the picture frames available on the market contain recyclable materials, such as wood, metal, and plastic.

Picture Frame Material



Wide variety of woods

Treated or natural wood

Numerous styles


Can suit almost any décor

Available in various styles

Can be brass, pewter, bronze, chrome, sterling



Ideal for contemporary decors and children's rooms

Cannot support too much weight

Regardless of the material, most picture frames feature a protective glass cut to size. Glass is a material that is easy to recycle, but consumers should make sure they remove the glass from the picture frame and recycle it separately.

Recycling Wood Picture Frames

Consumers can choose to recycle the wood frame of their unwanted picture frames either by contacting their local waste-management service or by using it as firewood. Many municipalities have drop-off locations for wood recycling. Not all of them accept treated wood, so consumers should make sure they ask about this before dropping off their old picture frames. It is not possible to recycle treated wood, so users who cannot strip the lead paint off the frames should consider disposing of them the same way they would dispose of construction and demolition wood waste. In many cases, this means paying for disposal in order for the wood to get to a processing facility.

Recycling Metal Picture Frames

To recycle a metal picture frame, consumers should first contact the one or more of the recycling facilities in their area to see what type of materials they accept. Most of these facilities pay cash for the metals they collect, so it is worth having a look at multiple local options. Aluminium, copper, steel, and bronze are all recyclable metals. Users who do not know what kind of metal their picture frames contain should check out with a specialist at the recycling facility in order to find out the proper way to dispose of these metals.

Recycling Plastic Picture Frames

Different types of plastic require different approaches when it comes to recycling. Some plastics are easier to recycle than others are and unfortunately, most plastic frames contain combination plastics, which are difficult to recycle. These plastics often lack a recycling number used for classifying plastics or come imprinted with number 7. Few recycling facilities collect them, but a responsible way to dispose of them is to return them to the manufacturer instead of allowing such plastics to burden the local waste system.

Recycling the Glass of Picture Frames

Consumers should not overlook the protective glass of picture frames when recycling such a product. Glass recycling centres are readily available in most areas. From the collection bins, glass goes to a glass treatment plant where a process transforms into new glass. Glass is one of the few materials that do not degrade during the recycling process, so people can recycle it over and over again.

How to Buy Picture Frames on eBay

Picture frames come in various styles, from small, simple ones, to larger frames with intricate designs. Regardless of the type of picture frame you are looking for, you can find them with just a few clicks on eBay. Simply type the words 'picture frame' into the search bar of the website and browse through the results. To speed up the search, you can add more terms to the search, such as the material or colour.

Most materials that manufacturers use for picture frames are easily recyclable, so throwing an unwanted frame in the bin should not be the answer when it comes to disposing of such items. Instead, make sure you dispose of your old picture frames responsibly.

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