How to Recycle Used Oil Filters

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How to Recycle Used Oil Filters

Oil filters are liquid waste and for this reason, consumers should never dispose of them in landfill. Used oil filters retain large amounts of oil that can carry a number of toxins into the waterways and soil. Recycling oil filters results in recovering oil and valuable metal. Not only it is harmful for the environment to throw oil filters in a bin, but it is also illegal to do so. Consumers who would like to dispose of their used oil filters should search for a metal recycler that accepts them for recycling. Learning more about the reasons to recycle oil filters and how to do it properly may help users when it comes to disposing of this kind of automotive waste.

Why Recycling Oil Filters is Important

Disposing of used oil filters in the garbage is illegal in many countries including Australia and there is a reason behind this. Many filters contain up to 236 millilitres of used oil, which takes hundreds of years to decompose in a landfill, particularly because most filters are 85 per cent steel. Just a small quantity of used oil can contaminate millions of litres of water, which could lead to an environmental disaster. Besides dumping used oil filters in the garbage, it is also illegal to burn them because of the toxins that release in the air. Recycling oil filters is the only responsible way to get rid of unwanted oil filters.

Recycling Oil Filters

There are not too many options when it comes to recycling oil filters. A number of metal and commercial auto parts that recycle oil filters exist in most areas. In general, consumers need to pay a fee for this service. Those who operate with large quantities of oil filters may think about investing in machines that allow them to recycle all the filters on site.

Preparing an Oil Filter for Recycling

Users should prepare an oil filter for recycling before handing it over to the recycle facility. After changing theengine oil of the vehicle, users should retain all the used oil in a plastic container, paying attention to anything that may contaminate it. This is important as it is not possible to recycle contaminated oil and recyclers need to treat it as hazardous waste. After removing the old filter, consumers should place it in a leak-proof bag and carefully seal it tight. A zip-top bag would be a good option for this purpose. If users cannot recycle the filter immediately, they should make sure they label the bag and keep it away from direct sunlight. Getting the oil filter at a recycling centre as soon as possible should be a priority.

What Happens with Recycled Oil Filters?

The experts at recycling centres drain all the oil from the oil filters that need recycling. They do so with the help of special crushing machines. They then get the metal resulted after draining and crush it before selling it to metal recyclers who accept them as scrap metal. The oil resulted from crushing oil filters is subject to separate recycling.

Tips for Reducing the Amount of Used Oil

Reducing the amount of oil one generates is important for protecting the environment. Whenever possible, consumers should purchase reusable oil filters and recycle all the oil and filters they use for their vehicles. Managing the used oil carefully without mixing it with any other materials is essential for the recycling process to work. It is impossible to recycle contaminated oil, so one should try not to pour any other liquid or dump any solid material in it prior to taking it to the recycling centre. All these actions contribute to the reduction of the amount of oil that ends up in the landfill.

How to Buy Oil Filters on eBay

Choosing the correct filter is essential if you want to keep your car in excellent shape. As most oil filters look similar, it is important to know the exact kind you need before making a purchase. eBay is a good place to start looking for oil filters for your vehicle because you can find filters for most cars on the website. You can find what you are looking for simply by typing the name of the filter you need into the search bar of the website.

Before installing a new oil filter, consider what you want to do with the old one. Recycling it is the best approach to avoid any legal issues and for protecting the environment at the same time.

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