How to Repair a Front Bumper Crack

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How to Repair a Front Bumper Crack

A crack in the front bumper can really spoil the appearance of a vehicle. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to crack the bumper by driving into an unseen obstacle or shunting the car in front. Front bumper cracks can be easily repaired, providing the repairer has the right know-how and suitable equipment. When repairing a front bumper crack, it is important to use the right tools to avoid damaging the bumper further. With the right kind of adhesive, even a severely cracked plastic bumper can be patched back together so the vehicle looks almost as good as new. To repair a front bumper crack, proud vehicle owners can follow the step-by-step instructions given in this guide.


Removing the Front Bumper

The first step in repairing a front bumper crack is to remove the bumper by loosening the screws that fix it to the vehicle. These screws could be located under the lights, by the wheel wells, or somewhere else, so owners may need to spend a little time hunting around to find them. Once all the screws have been loosened, it should be possible to gently pull the bumper away from the car.


Choosing the Right Adhesive

There should be a stamp somewhere on the inside of the bumper that states what type of plastic the bumper is made of. The stamp could say PP (polypropylene), PPO (polyphenylene oxide), PUR (polyurethane), TPUR (thermoplastic polyurethane), or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). When choosing an adhesive repair product, it is essential to choose one that works with the type of plastic the bumper is made out of. Check the label carefully to find out whether the adhesive is suitable.


Prepare the Surface

To prepare the surface of the bumper for repair, the person must first clean it with a plastic surface cleaner to remove loose debris and then scuff the damaged area with 80-grit sandpaper. The next step is to create a V-shaped groove on the exposed surface of the crack, which increases the surface area for the adhesive to stick to. This groove can be created using either a rotary file or an electric sander with a 24-grit disc attachment. Once the groove is in place, the surface needs to be wiped down again with a solvent cleaner to remove the loose dust.


Repair the Crack

The repair adhesive must be mixed according to the instructions given on the label. These instructions will be slightly different depending on the type of adhesive being used. The repairer should apply the adhesive to the crack, taking care to push it down into the groove as far as it will go. Strong tape can hold the bumper together while the adhesive dries. The adhesive packaging should give an indication of how long this will take.


Sand Away Excess Adhesive

Once the adhesive has dried and become solid, it’s time to neaten up the repair job a little. It’s likely that big blobs of adhesive will have leaked out of the crack. These can be sanded down using 80-grit sandpaper. When the largest blobs have been removed, it’s time to use a much finer grit of sandpaper to remove the last few traces of adhesive and create a smooth finish.


How to Repair a Front Bumper Using Tools Bought on eBay

Thanks to the wide range of tools and adhesive products available on eBay, repairing a front bumper crack has never been easier. To find the necessary tools for the job, shoppers can simply use the search bar at the top of each page to search for bumper repair adhesives, sandpaper, electric sanders, or screwdrivers. Results can be narrowed down by selecting categories on the left of the search results page. Buyers need to read product listings thoroughly to be sure they are getting the right tools for the job.



It is possible for vehicle owners to carry out their own front bumper crack repairs, instead of having to take the vehicle to a garage and pay for a professional repair job. Repairing a crack in a plastic bumper is not difficult, provided the right tools are available. When it comes to repairing front bumper cracks and other vehicle repair jobs, buyers can shop with confidence, knowing that the sellers on eBay have everything needed to complete the task.

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