How to Repair the Screen on an iPad Mini

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How to Repair the Screen on an iPad Mini

Though digital devices may seem sturdy, dropping one is a surefire way to incur unwanted damage. The most common problem that iPad owners face is a cracked or broken screen. The iPad Mini works the same way as the larger iPad, and has the same structural issues when damaged. While there are not too many options for repairing a cracked or broken screen, replacement seems to be the only option. Instead of paying hundreds for the company to repair the screen, many consumers take it upon themselves to gather the necessary materials and repair the cracked screen for much less than having a professional do the repair.

Replace the iPad Screen

To replace the iPad Mini screen, gather the needed items for repair. Buy a special tool for iPad case removal, which comes in an iPad repair kit, or purchase the tools separately. The tools are comprised of miniature screwdrivers and a few plastic prying tools used to loosen the existing iPad screen to remove it. Other necessary items include a suction cup, a hairdryer, and tweezers.

Place the broken iPad Mini on a flat work surface, preferably covered with a cloth or towel to protect it from glass. Turn the hairdryer on a low heat setting and warm up the edges of the iPad Mini to make it easier to melt the adhesive that secures the touch screen digitizer to the LCD screen.

With the suction cup and plastic prying tool, remove the top screen. Use the tweezers to remove any broken bits of glass before progressing. Unscrew the screws around the iPad, and suck the shield up with the plastic cup. Disconnect the small cables that connect the LCD screen to the iPad using the small plastic tool, and then remove it completely. Replace the broken screen with a new one and put the iPad Mini back together.

Repair a Frozen iPad Screen

Another common issue which consumers encounter when using an iPad Mini is a frozen screen. When clicking on the touch screen becomes impossible and nothing works, it is time to repair the screen. Before trying other methods, attempt to unfreeze the Mini's screen by simply powering the iPad off and turning it back on. If this does not work, reset the iPad. To reset the tablet, push the Sleep button and the Home button in conjunction with one another until the white Apple comes up on the screen. Wait for the reset to finish before using the iPad.

A last ditch attempt for a broken or frozen iPad screen is to completely restore the iPad Mini to its factory settings. The downside of this action is that all of the items on the iPad get erased. To restore the iPad Mini, plug it into the USB port on any computer and select the Restore iPad button from the Device Summary in the iTunes folder.

Quick Fixes for the iPad Mini

Whether it is a cracked or broken screen or another issue, there are options when it comes to troubleshooting and repairing an iPad Mini. Avoid the hefty fees of professional repair, and fix the iPad Mini at home.



Difficult to type on iPad Mini screen

Attach an iPad Mini keyboard

iPad Mini screen is too dim in low light

Adjust light settings under 'Brightness & Wallpaper' and ensure it is set for automatic settings

iPad microphone does not work

Reset the iPad Mini

iPad does connect to Wi-Fi

Check Wi-Fi settings to make sure they are enabled correctly

Slow iPad

Close out any applications not in use or reset iPad Mini

While iPad Mini devices are fun and offer many benefits for users, they are not perfect, either. The best way to keep an iPad Mini functioning properly is by taking good care of it, keeping it in a sturdy case, protecting the screen, and keeping the software updated when new updates are ready.

Buying Replacement iPad Screens and Materials on eBay

Avoid purchasing a costly new iPad Mini by doing repairs yourself. Check eBay for a great deal on an affordable iPad Mini repair kit, and buy a replacement iPad Mini glass to install yourself for a lower price and less stress. Purchase components for a broken iPad Mini screen from a reputable seller, and communicate with seller if you have a question about supplies by clicking the " Ask a Question" button on the seller's page.

Do not let a cracked screen or any other minor issue dampen your enjoyment of your iPad Mini. While most iPads are out of warranty after a year, replacing your device or having it professionally repaired is costly. Avoid high fees by simply repairing the screen yourself.

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