How to Restore Travertine Floors

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How to Restore Travertine Floors

Homeowners who want an elegant-looking floor in colours such as white, beige, and gold can install travertine tiles. In addition, the tiles often increase the value of a room, as the stone is an upgrade over builder grade materials such as carpet and vinyl. Over time, both polished and unpolished travertine tiles change from lustrous to dull due to spills, stains, and everyday foot traffic. Additionally, travertine stone has a soft limestone base that may crack, break, and chip and eventually need restoration. Consumers can shop for products to repair and restore their travertine floors and follow a few techniques to return their floors to their lustrous looks.

Matching the Tile

Owners can replace travertine tiles containing fissures and fractures that look unsightly. Because homeowners generally do not keep a supply of replacement tiles on hand, finding a matching tile can be challenging. The first thing owners should do is try to locate a match for their travertine tiles. Keep in mind that each manufactured tile varies in texture and colour with variances in surface finishes including polished, honed, brushed, or tumbled.

How to Restore Travertine Floors

Owners can restore travertine floors by simply washing them to restore their shine and remove dirt, replacing complete sections of tile, or cleaning just the grout between tiles as part of the restoration process.

Cleaning the Tile Floor

When cleaning travertine tile, purchase a tile and stone cleaner to recondition the floor's finish. These products enhance the floor's natural colour and remove mould, stains, and soap buildup. They also deep clean. Homeowners should only wash the floor with soap occasionally as soap causes the shine to fade. Deep clean the floor regularly by adding a cleaner to a bucket of water and mopping the floor with it, letting the mixture remain on the surface for a few minutes, and then lightly buffing it with a microfibre cloth.

Replacing Loose and Broken Tiles

For most flooring restorations, owners should repair or replace damaged tiles with a new tile that closely matches the original. A loose tile that produces sound when people walk on the tile's surface clearly indicates owners need to replace it.

To replace loose or broken tiles, start by drilling holds into the grout to release the tile and remove the old grout with a vacuum.

* Lift up loose tiles with putty knife to avoid breakage

* Clean off the back of the loose tile with multi-purpose razor scraper or pick a new tile to put in

* Spread tile mortar or thinset evenly on underside of tile

* Use light twisting pressure to apply tile to subfloor

* Apply new grout, matching the existing grout colour, on all sides of newly replaced tile

* Wait minimum of 15 minutes and wipe off dried grout with a damp sponge

Cleaning the Grout Between Tiles

Dirty grout gives an unappealing appearance to an otherwise attractive floor. Homeowners have several choices of ways to eliminate dirty grout lines.

Electric Toothbrush

Use an electric toothbrush to gently clean dirt from grout lines. Put a small amount of grout cleaner on the toothbrush to remove dirt, mould, mildew, and other grime. Wash the floor after cleaning grout lines.

Steam Cleaner

Use a steam cleaner that uses heat no hotter than 180 C to clean the grout lines with the detail brush. Use a mop to wipe up water puddles.

Grout Pen

Owners can use a grout pen, available in several colours, to make old grout appear new by covering up stains. Clean the grout with a scrub brush and dry the cleaned area with a cloth before applying the grout paint, and then follow the manufacturer's directions for applying the paint.

Commonsense steps for ensuring cleaner travertine flooring include wiping up spills immediately to avoid stains, washing the floor routinely to keep dirt at a minimum, and putting a sealer on the tile to protect against staining.

How to Buy Products to Repair Travertine Floors on eBay

Shoppers find products for restoring travertine flooring on eBay by typing keywords into the Search bar found on any site page. Buyers can enter product descriptions such as "tile cleaner", "tile mortar", and "grout pen" to view a listing of sellers. Shoppers can also search deals in Home and Lifestyle for more travertine flooring ideas.

Travertine floors look great when the tiles are clean and damage free. Consumers can restore tiles that need attention by washing the floor thoroughly, cleaning grout lines, or replacing worn out and loose tiles. Homeowners employing consistent cleaning habits can also preserve the life and beauty of a stone floor.

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