How to Restore an iPod Touch

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How to Restore an iPod Touch

Like any electronic devices, an iPod Touch is susceptible to data corruption, errors, and other irritating problems. Apple designed the iPods to allow users to restore the device to its original factory settings, clearing the device of everything but the necessary programmes. This may also be something that users want to do because they have purchased a new Touch and want to sell their old one. In this instance, they want all of their data erased so that the new owner does not have access to it. Regardless of the situation, there are a few ways that users can restore an iPod Touch with relatively little effort.

How to Restore the iPod Touch to Factory Settings

Restoring the iPod Touch to its factory settings erases all the changes that the user made to it. The process deletes all music, passwords, saved preferences, viruses, and any other custom changes.

Those who do not want to lose everything on their device need to start by backing up the data on the iPod Touch. There are two ways to do this and the first method is through iTunes. To back up the data on the device, connect the Touch to the computer with the cord or through a wireless sync. When the Touch appears under "Devices" on the iTunes browser, right click on the Touch and select "Back-Up". To access that backed up information on the computer, go to the Users folder and click on the username. Next select AppData, then Roaming, then Apple Computer, then MobileSync, then the Backup folder.

The second method is to backup the iPod Touch on iCloud, which is an online data storage service provided by Apple. In order to do this, connect the Touch to the internet through Wi-Fi. Then go to the Settings app and click on iCloud. Next, select Storage & Backup. Make sure that the iCloud Backup option is turned on and then click "Back Up Now".

Now that the data is safe, it is time to restore the iPod Touch to its factory settings. Find the Settings folder on the device's homescreen. In the settings area, click on General. Next select Reset. On this page there are six available choices.

Reset Option


Reset All Settings

Erases only preferences such as passwords and default programmes

Erase All Content and Settings

Completely erases all data and preferences from the device and returns it to its factory settings

Reset Network Settings

Removes all custom wireless network settings and preferences

Reset Keyboard Dictionary

Clears all saved words that the user added to the Touch's spellchecker

Reset Home Screen Layout

Returns the home screen layout to its original layout by deleting any added apps or folders and restoring any that the user removed

Reset Location Warnings

Some apps access a person's location with permission from the user. This erases those settings so that apps must obtain permission again

Click on the Erase All Content and Settings option to completely clear everything. When the warning menu appears, confirm the request. When the iPod Touch is done with the reset process, it resets. The next person to turn it on must go through all of the factory prompts to set the device up again.

How to Restore an iPod Touch from a Backup

Those who intend to keep their restored iPod and want to get their data back can now re-download the files that they backed up earlier. Simply connect the device to the computer. This brings up the iPod management screen. Select the Restore button. Click to continue past the informational screens and then enter the iTunes account username and password.

iTunes then brings up a list of iPod backups by date. Just select the most recent one. When the restoration is complete, just sync the iPod with the iTunes account to re-download all of the music. All of these steps are the same foriPads as well as iPhones.

The iPod Touch should now be functioning again with all of the old data and settings in place. If the device is still defective, the owner may have to send it back to the manufacturer for repairs. There is usually a fee involved, but the cost is still less than purchasing a brand new iPod Touch.

How to Buy an iPod Touch on eBay

The iPod Touch is a fun device that lets users access all their music at any time as well as play games, video chat, and browse the internet. However, there may come a time when it gets sluggish or the owner wants to upgrade and sell it. In either case, the solution is to restore the iPod Touch to its original factory settings. If this does not work or if you are ready to shop for a new Touch, just look on eBay. There are thousands of new and used products to browse through as well as sales on the eBay Deals page.

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