How to STOP flash glare / reflection when taking photo

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How to STOP flash glare / reflection when taking a good photo


Tired of taking photo after photo and still getting a flash reflection on your item?


Somebody gave me this great tip that I wish to share =)


It works wonders on most types of items – especially CDs/DVDs/GAMES etc


It’s really simple…


One step..






With your digital camera – whilst taking the photo, cover the flash with a tissue


It’s kind of tricky to hold the camera, keep a tissue over the flash and take a steady picture but the end result is amazing!


If it still does not work, you are not covering the total flash so adjust the tissue until it goes right!





Since writing this guide I have actually upgraded to a more high tech camera (albeit at a low price) and found that the same items that got flash reflection now come out perfectly without a tissue!

Consider upgrading your camera if flash reflection is an issue for you!

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