How to Safely Run on a Treadmill

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How to Safely Run on a Treadmill

Running has long been acknowledged as one of the best cardiovascular exercises for the human body. However, some people find it difficult to run on a regular basis. In some cases, they may live in an area where running is dangerous due to traffic, air pollution, or other factors.

For these individuals, the ideal option is a treadmill, which allows them to run from the comfort and security of a single location. Treadmills are available from sporting goods stores as well as from sellers on eBay. However, running on a treadmill is not the same as running on the ground. There are additional safety considerations that must be understood before a person should run on a treadmill. Learning about these safety tips can make it easier for a consumer to buy and use a treadmill with confidence.

Preparation to Run on a Treadmill

Before attempting to run on a treadmill, it is important to be prepared. This involves wearing clothing that allows ease of movement without the possibility of entanglement. For example, workout pants that are too long may become caught in the tread, potentially causing damage or injury. A good pair of running shoes is also important, as they are cushioned and balanced in order to keep feet and legs healthy. It is important to make certain that shoes are properly tied, as a loose shoelace can similarly cause problems. It is also helpful to be properly hydrated and ready for an extended run. Stretches in order to loosen muscles are also helpful to those who are prone to muscle cramps.

Treadmill Placement

It is extremely important to make certain that a treadmill is placed in a safe area. In many cases, this means that it should not be placed in a room where children can play with it. It is also important to ensure that there is adequate space around the treadmill, as objects falling on it or getting in the way can cause problems. It is never a good idea to leave a treadmill running without a person on it. This can cause severe injuries to children or pets who may not understand how fast it is moving.

Safety Features

Modern treadmills come with a number of safety features. One popular feature is the automatic stop, which is usually a clip that can be attached to the runner's shirt. In the chance that the runner is flung backwards rapidly, the clip removes a component of the treadmill, stopping motion completely. It is important to be aware of all treadmill safety features and to engage them appropriately before beginning a run.

Adjusting Settings on a Treadmill

In many cases, consumers may purchase used treadmills. This can be a great way of saving money, but it also means that someone else's settings might be stored in this machine. Before starting a run, it is important to clear the existing settings. This usually means finding and pressing a reset button on the treadmill. Such buttons are usually quite prominent and usually clear out existing programmes or settings after being held down for a few seconds.

Getting Started on a Treadmill

Once the existing programmes have been removed from the machine, it is time to get started. The best way to do this is to use the structure that is in place in nearly all treadmills. In other words, there are two spots where one can place the feet on either side of the treading. Standing there can allow the user to adjust new settings without having to worry about moving. At the same time, the handrails help people on and off the tread. They are not meant to be used while running or jogging.  In fact, using the handrails while running or jogging can cause serious strain to the elbows and shoulders and even makes it harder for the body to burn calories.

Starting Out Slow

When using a treadmill, it is considered appropriate to start out slow at least for the first few minutes. This is important for several reasons. First, it is helpful to allow those who are new to a treadmill to gain a sense of balance and become familiar with the sensation of running in one place. Becoming unbalanced can lead to stumbles and injury. The second reason to start out slow is to allow muscles to warm up before they are essentially pushed to their limits. Warming up muscles helps runners avoid pulls or sprains.

Maintain Proper Form on a Treadmill

Running experts understand the purpose of maintaining proper form. Keeping one's body in the right position helps increase efficiency and avoid problems. However, running on a treadmill can make it more difficult to maintain a form, as simply being on a treadmill can be disorienting.

Aspect of Proper Form


Eyes forward

Keeps feet from veering off to one side

Do not lean forward

Keeps feet from being pulled backward too quickly

Short, quick strides

Minimises impact transferred to legs

Mid-foot strike

Keeps shock from harming knees

Some of these aspects of form may be alien to those who are used to running on solid ground, but after a brief adjustment period, it is possible to quickly master them. Along with proper form, it is helpful to be aware of what makes for a good stride count. This means counting how many times one foot strikes the tread during a one-minute period. If the stride count is lower than the average 180 strides per minute for an expert runner, trying to make strides shorter is a good idea.

After a Run on a Treadmill

When finished with a run, a runner should slow down the pace of the tread and spend at least 5 minutes jogging at a slow pace. This is what is known as a cool down, which helps lower heart rate and prevent dizziness. Many people, when they are finished using a treadmill, feel dizzy when they get off. This can also include a feeling that the ground is moving. In order to compensate for this, the runner should grasp the handrails on the treadmill until the dizziness has passed.

How to Buy a Treadmill on eBay

Treadmills are available from a number of sellers on eBay. These sellers are based in different locations and sell both new and used treadmills. Finding the right treadmill is relatively simple once you know what you are looking for. After selecting a type of treadmill, it is a simply matter of using the search bar on an eBay web page.

If you want a particular brand of treadmill, you can enter this information in the search term. If, however, you wish to see what is available across the board, entering 'treadmill' into the search bar can be productive. Further, eBay provides deals on treadmills and other exercise equipment.

Each item on eBay, including treadmills, should have an accompanying product description. Reading this description can provide insight into the features on a treadmill. In the case of a used treadmill, the description can alert a potential buyer to problems or to the item's history. In some cases, if a product is found locally, you can save on shipping costs.


A treadmill can be a great way for many people to run and lose weight without having to leave their homes or offices. These devices are relatively simple in design, but they can be unsafe if not used properly. The best way to learn how to use a treadmill safely is to read through the instruction manual. Then, it is critical to prepare for a run by dressing appropriately. Once on the treadmill, it is smart to start slow, then build up to a full run in order to allow the body time to adjust.

When running, maintaining proper form is essential. With the right form, it is easy for the runner to avoid injuries and accidents as well as to increase performance. Finally, when finished with a run, it is a good idea to cool down before getting off the treadmill. Cooling down helps the body adjust better than simply stopping in an instant. A new or used treadmill should have features that allow the user to get a safe exercise routine out of it everyday.

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