How to Save Money with Solar Cooking

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Discover how you can save money and help the environment by using Solar Cooking in your daily life.

Nearly every day there is another news paper article, or news story about how expensive electricity has become, and how much further it will go. It seems that the greedy electricity companies are out for profits, and with Carbon Tax increasing the cost of living everywhere you look there has got to be a better way...

And the good news, there is. Solar Cooking. But before I get into that let me tell you a little bit about myself...

My name is Heather and I’m an environmental scientist by day and a mother by night. A few years ago I spent 10 months sailing around Australia on board a catamaran using solar power daily for all our energy needs.

Whether it was Solar Hot water to shower with, or Solar ovens to bake delicious cakes while we were swimming, I fell in love with the sun and the great energy source it supply’s us with. And the best part…Its FREE Energy.

This is why SunCooking was born. To share with you the power of the sun, and to supply you with the best quality solar products around.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to get into solar cooking..

  1. Economy
  2. Ecology
  3. Disaster Preparation
  4. Convenience
  5. Safety and health


And some of our best places to use a solaroven!

  • At Home
  • Picnics and BBQs
  • Camping
  • Festivals and Events
  • Boating and Fishing
  • Caravan'ing or touring
  • Sports
  • Eco Living
  • Cooking Ideas




Electricity is expensive, and it's only getting more so! Here's some interesting stats for you-

Electric oven use - if your oven is set at 180oC, it might use around 1.5kW / hour. Say you use it for 8 hours per week and your electricity is around $0.2 / kWh it's going to cost you around $125 per year! If you can replace your conventional oven with solar, even for half the use, you can pay back a solar oven in under 2years, and start making money after that!

The average family kettle uses around 2,200 watts to run. Assuming that you boil it 6 times a day, and electricity is around $0.18 / kWh, it's going to cost you $68 per year to heat that water! Say you can use the SunRocket for at least one third of those times, you'll pay back the price of the Rocket in less than 2 years!

The Australian Industry Group predicts that Australian energy prices will double between 2008 to 2015! Buy a solar oven now and appreciate saving money for a long time to come.



Reduce your impact on the planet by switching from fossil fuels to free energy from the sun!

Solar cooking has:

  • No CO2 emissions.
  • No use of dwindling fossil fuels or deforestation
  • No exposure to lungs and eyes from smoke - no dangerous off gases or particulate matter from smoke
  • Uses less water for cooking
  • Durable - Sun Cook is designed and built for long life in the open air. First class plastics (resistant to UV, heat and scratches), tempered glass and aluminum mirrors. With care it can last a life time.


Disaster Preparation

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst! A solar oven can allow you to safely cook food and treat water during times of emergency. Grid power supply can be cut for a range of reasons (fire, flood, breakdown, attack etc) sometimes for days if not weeks. A solar oven means that as soon as the sun comes out, you can cook food and treat water for your family, and if need be, your local community!


Solar cooking is so EASY!  Set it up, point it towards the sun, put in a pot or two of food and leave it alone! Depending on how long you need to cook for, you can turn it periodically to catch the maximum rays. But if you leave it and head off for the day, the solar oven can cooking food while your away, with out any risk of burning the food or causing a fire!

  • Unlike other cooking methods, there is no need to collect wood or tend to a fire.
  • No need to stock up on gas or flammable fluids.
  • Near impossible to burn a meal! Moisture is trapped in the pot so a meal just gets more tender the longer it cooks. Easy!
  • Clean up of a solar oven is easy -  no fuel, no ashes, no burnt food.
  • portable - take it anywhere! Cook in your backyard, on your boat, next to your caravan, at a sporing event, at a festival! Where ever there are hungry people, a solar oven is a welcome addition!


Safety and Health

Solar oven is a slow cooker - that is, it uses a lower temperature to cook food than a conventional oven, grill or stovetop. As such, the vitamins in the food are often left more intact, closer to their natural nutritious raw state.

Also, solar ovens use much less water than conventional ways of cooking, rather trapping the existing moisture found in food. This too also ensures that the nutrients within the food are better preserved.

There is also a satisfying mental health benefit to using the Sun Cook - slow cooking allows for a greater simplicity in our lives and less reliance on electricity or gas. There is a great pleasure in taking a perfectly cooked stew and loaf of bread out of the Sun Cook and sharing it with loved ones.
Solar cooking is also is a much safer way to cook for you and your family.

  • No risk of fire or burns from flame.
  • No risk of explosion as when cooking with gas
  • Higher levels of child safety (lower temperatures on contact services reducing risk of skin burns)
  • No danger of setting fire to surrounding region


NOTE: Food inside the oven can get very hot very quickly. When opening the oven always be prepared for steam and remove puts using oven mits to ensure you don't burn your hands.

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