How to String an Archery Bow

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How to String an Archery Bow

Archery has been around since the late Stone Age, but when the world moved out of medieval times, the use of bows slowed, advancing to firearms. Since the Summer Olympics in London 2012, the popularity of archery has grown. Many people take up the bow as a hobby or for hunting. People just starting out should understand a few things about the different bows available, particularly how to string them.


Choosing the Right Type of Bow

Before anyone ever learns to string or shoot an archery bow, he or she has to find the one that fits him or her. For example, children and adults do not use the same bow type or size. Not everyone is able to pull the same draw weight either. There are also different bows for different sports. Each of these has different stringing requirements. The table below shows some of the options available for various bows.





Single piece of wood

Normally same height as archer

Depending on skill, can be less accurate and harder to shoot

Made from a variety of materials

High level of consistency on shots

Can use attachments

Uses lever system to pull the string when drawn

More complicated to use

Gives more force to shots

Saves energy for archer


Archers must also consider if they need their bow for competition shooting, field shooting, or hunting. Each use has different requirements for various bows and styles.


Stringing an Archery Bow

After selecting a bow, archers have to know how to string it. This helps to test its draw weight and length. It also helps archers become more familiar with their bow. New bows normally come unstrung, so knowing how to string one is the first step before archers can fit and fire an arrow. This method works for both longbows and recurve bows. Compound bows differ due to the wheels and levers on the bow.

Proper Positioning

Starting out with the wrong position can warp or ruin a bow. Not holding it properly makes it much harder to string and can possibly cause an archer to hurt oneself. Start by putting the bow on the floor against the instep of the foot, normally the left. Hold the grip with the left hand, making sure that the flat side, or back, faces the archer. The size of the bow may affect this. Sitting down and using the knee for a smaller bow may be an option if the archer can get the right pull on the wood.

Bending the Bow

The safest way to bend the bow is to keep the left hand on the grip and use your right to grip the bow several centimetres below the notch for the string. Make sure the archer has a hold of the string and the palm is against the wood. He or she should press down with the palm palm and use the fingers to slide the string up and into the notch.


Other Equipment Needed

In order to properly test and begin learning how to shoot a bow, archers may need other equipment. Arrows are a requirement for any type of bow or shooting. The type of arrows varies depending on the type of shooting and the target. A quiver may be a wise accessory to invest in for some archers. These are useful when hunting or shooting moving targets. There are different scopes and various types of arrow rests available to assist in shooting as well.


How to Buy Bowstrings on eBay

Search on eBay and find bowstrings and any other accessories you may need for your sport. There are a wide range of strings, arrows, and quivers available so that you can personalise your equipment. Broad terms such as 'strings' yield all the types of strings that sellers found on eBay offer, while 'bowstrings' narrows results specifically to archery strings. Before you buy, make sure you thoroughly read product specifications to make sure they fit your needs.

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