How to Take Links Out of a Citizen Watch

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How to Take Links Out of a Citizen Watch

As one of the largest producers of watches, Citizen is a popular brand among consumers. The brand produces innovative ranges such as Eco Drive watches, which runs on solar power. Learning about how to change the links quickly with a few simple tools allows the consumer to resize the watch whenever it needs to fit smaller or larger. New and used Citizen watches, parts, and extra links are readily available on at retail stores and online through reliable sellers on eBay.



The tools required to remove links from a Citizen watch depend on the type of band. Determine the type of band, and then gather the tools.




Split Pin



Pin and Centre Tube


Small pliers


Pin pusher

Jeweller's plastic mallet

Pin and Dual Tube



Clip Spring


Small screwdriver

Jeweller's pliers

Single Screw

1 mm screwdriver



A CIT-SZTOOL is a custom tool designed specifically to adjust Citizen watches. It fits into the link hole to allow consumers to remove the link pin.


Removing Links

For each type of band, it is important to remove any parts without damaging them. Additionally, make sure to store any removed links safely, along with their pins and other removed pieces, for future assembly. Balance the number of links removed from each side of the watch. When removing an uneven number of links, remove more from the bottom dial side of the watch.

Split Pin Type

With the back of the watchband facing up, place the band in the CIT-SZTOOL with the arrows on the band pointing away. Align the Citizen tool-sizing pin with the pinhole and gently push to start removing the pin. Pull it out with fingers once the tool pin has gone as far as possible, or use tweezers if fingers are not sufficient. The link comes apart quickly. Repeat these steps as many times as necessary, making sure to balance the links on each side.

Pin and Centre Tube Type

With the back of the watchband facing up, place the band in the CIT-SZTOOL, with the arrows on the band pointing away. If the watch does not have arrows, remove the pin from either side. Use the Citizen tool-sizing pin to gently push the pin out as far as possible, using pliers to pull it the rest of the way. The links then come apart. In the centre of the band there is a locking tube or split pipe. Remove this with a pin pusher or tweezers. Repeat the procedure to remove as many links as desired, taking an even number from each side of the watch.

Pin and Dual Tube Type

For this type of band, it is possible to remove the pins from either side of the watch. Place the watch band in the CIT-SZTOOL and align the pin in the tool with the pin hole. Apply pressure to begin removal of the pin. When the pin is visible and out of the hole a generous amount, remove the tool. Take care not to lose the locking tube or split pipe, which may come out when removing the tool.

Use fingers or a pair of tweezers to remove the pin completely. The links then come apart, with one locking tube remaining on the pin and the other loose. Repeat the steps to remove as many links as necessary.

Clip Spring Type

Holding the watch upside down on a padded surface, place the tip of a screwdriver or point of a pair of tweezers in the dimple of the clip spring pin. Hold the band firmly on the surface while simultaneously pushing gently but firmly with the screwdriver or tweezers, in the direction of the arrows on the band, to remove the clip spring. Use a pair of pliers or tweezers to pull out the clip spring pin. Repeat the steps to remove more links.

Single Screw Type

With the watch on its side, use a 1 mm screwdriver to loosen the screw, turning anti-clockwise. Remove the screw using a pair of tweezers, allowing the link to come apart. Repeat as necessary.


How to Buy Citizen Watch Link Removal Tools on eBay

Sellers on eBay offer a huge range of tools in new and gently used condition to remove links from Citizen watches. Start your search by typing 'Citizen watch tool' in the search box on any page. Narrow the results by type of tool, price, seller location, or shipping options. Review the seller's feedback carefully and review the description of the tool they are selling. Ask questions of the seller should you need more information on the tool or its condition. Finding the right link removal tool is easy when you browse through the available listings.

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