How to Tie-Dye a Top with Bleach

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How to Tie-Dye a Top with Bleach

Tie-dye is a popular technique used to create different patterns on fabrics. It is a kind of resist dying, which means the final look is achievable by tying, crumpling, or binding fabric before it is bleached or dyed.

Tie-dye clothing became popular during the 1960s and 1970s, using psychedelic patterns and vibrant colours. It continues to be a key fashion trend and is easily makeable if you are aware of the best methods, fabrics, bleaching, and dying options.


Tie-Dye Methods

There are many different ways to tie-dye your clothing, whether you want a tie-dye top, a tie-dye dress, or just a large piece of tie-dye fabric that is not for a specific pattern.

Below you will find five easy recommendations, along with the method that you can use at home and the results that you can expect once you are finished.





Folding tie-dye

Fold fabric or bind fabric

Bands across your fabric that are not uniform

Sunburst tie-dye

Bind fabric with elastic bands or use washi tape

Circles on your fabric in differing sizes

Gradation tie-dye

Choose bleach or dye, apply it to one section of fabric, then dilute bleach or dye and apply to another section

A gradual effect that can be applied in many different shapes and styles

Swirl tie-dye

Make a spiral shape in the centre of your fabric, bind the spiral with elastic bands creating different wedges, and apply dye or bleach to different sections

A spiral shape in your fabric with different colours swirled throughout

Bull's-eye tie-dye

Bring the centre of your fabric into a point, tie elastic bands around the remainder of the fabric

A bull's-eye-style pattern on your fabric


Although there are countless tie dying techniques, these five are the best to try at home, which is possible on most fabrics and work with both dye and bleach.


How to Tie-Dye at Home

It is important that once you have chosen the tie-dye style you would like to recreate that you make sure you have all of the necessary materials you need to achieve the best outcome.

The materials you need to tie-dye will depend on the method you have chosen. For most of the techniques, you are also likely to need string, elastic bands, scissors, plastic gloves, and a protective sheet for your furniture and clothing. You will then need to decide whether you want to use dye or bleach.

How to Use Coloured Dye

You need to use coloured dye or fabric paint if you are using a pale or white fabric and want to achieve vibrant and eye-catching results. For a simple look, you can pick just one dye. This will mean you can use one tie dying method, and it will leave a white, resistant pattern and the colour you have chosen on the rest of the fabric.

You could also choose other colours to create a unique pattern and even blend them together to create a blurred effect throughout your tie-dye.

How to Use Bleach

Use bleach if you are using a coloured piece of fabric and want to take this colour away from the rest of the fabric and leave a pattern that will be the original colour. If you are using bleach, you want to think of how pale the rest of the fabric will be. You may want to add more elastic bands, pieces of string or resistance methods to your fabric if you are using bleach, otherwise the result may be too pale and white.

If you use bleach, you will need to consider gloves for your hands carefully, protective clothing so you do not ruin your regular clothes, and a way of shielding your surroundings in case the bleach splashes or spills as you tie-dye.


How to Buy Tie-Dye Supplies on eBay

You definitely need to have some fabric or clothing to dye, and you can find a wide selection on eBay to make sure you have all the things you need at hand. Choosing your method of tie dying is great fun, and you can pick a pattern that suits you and that makes the fabric or item you are dying look unique.

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