How to Unclog Gutter Drain Pipe

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How to Unclog Gutter Drain Pipe

At some point, everyone must clean out the gutters on their home or hire someone to perform the task. However, gutter drains located underground can also become clogged with leaves and debris, causing a backlash of water to pool up around the home’s foundation. The purpose of the underground drain pipe is to push water that travels down the roof and into the gutters away from the home. Yet, with the water comes leaves and twigs from surrounding trees. This is the same debris that clogs gutters. However, it takes a much larger portion of debris to clog the underground drain, so it may be years before a homeowner has to deal with a clog of this nature. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of a clog in an underground drain.


Remove Debris at the End of an Underground Drain

First, check the end of the underground drain pipe, which is normally located at the edge of the yard. The end of the drain pipe has a piece of wire mesh that catches leaves and debris. This may be where the clog is located. Remove the wire mesh and clean out the leaves and debris. Don’t leave the debris at the outside of the end of the drain pipe. Instead, dispose of it with other grass cuttings and debris.


Remove a Clog From an Underground Drain With a Water Hose

Unhook the end of the underground drain pipe from the gutter. Run the end of the water hose as far into the drain pipe as possible or until it hits the clog. Turn on the water full blast. If the clog doesn’t clear or the hose can’t reach it, take the hose to the other end of the drain. Feed the hose into the drain from the backside where it may reach the clog easier. Turn on the water and hose down the drain until all the debris runs out.


Remove a Clog from an Underground Drain Pipe with a Plumber’s Auger

If a hose doesn’t dislodge the clog, a plumber’s auger may work better. A plumber’s auger works for sink, toilet, and underground drain clogs. Feed the auger into the drain pipe the same way as the hose. Once the auger stops, pull it up a few feet then plunge it back down to dislodge the clog. Perform this function several times. Remove the auger and feed the hose down into the underground drain. Turn on the water and check the other end of the drain pipe for the remnants of the clog and to ensure water is now draining out. If the plumber’s auger isn’t long enough to reach from one end of the drain pipe, try the other end.


Fixing a Damaged Underground Drain Pipe

In some cases, the drain itself is damaged and needs repaired. Run the hose down through the drain until it stops. Mark the hose with a marker at that point it stops feeding into the drain. Pull up the hose from the drain and lay it on the ground where the drain runs underground. Start digging into the ground where the marker indicates the damage. After locating the pipe, inspect it for damage. Remove the damaged area by cutting it off with a utility knife. Cut a new piece of drainage pipe to fit over the affected area. Cut the new piece slightly longer than the damaged section. Affix the corrugated pipe on one end of the original pipe and then attach it to the other end. Also, look for what caused the damage in the first place. Normally damage occurs from tree roots growing into the pipe. Remove any nearby roots to prevent the damage from occurring again.


How to Buy Tools to Remove Underground Drain Clogs on eBay

The Home and Garden section of eBay Australia offers items like hoses, wheel barrels, and shovels needed to fix clogs and repair underground drainage pipes. In some cases, a person can attach a small mini camera to a long plumber’s auger to examine the interior of the underground drain pipe to search for clogs and damage. The choices for tools to fix underground water clogs are numerous on eBay Australia and buyers can find items that are both useful and budget friendly.



Some people may never have difficulty with underground water drain pipes, but not everyone is so lucky. Fortunately, there are ways to locate and remove clogs from underground drainage pipes. With the proper tools and instructions, anyone can get rid of a clog or fix a damaged pipeline located on their property.

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