How to Update the Firmware or Software on your Blu-ray Player.

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Even though it can be a bit of an inconvenience, sometimes it is necessary to update the firmware or software on your Blu-ray player to make sure you keep getting the best possible viewing experience.
This is because, even though each disc is manufactured to the highest quality available, it is possible that the Blu-ray disc you have purchased, was manufactured after your Blu-ray player.
Please check your hardware manufacturer's website for the latest firmware or software version and if an upgrade is available, follow these installation instructions.

To Update to the latest firmware, follow these easy steps:

1. Check the current firmware version.
2. Check the manufacturer's website for any new updates.
3. Download and follow instructions provided by the manufacture.
4. Burn and install the firmware following the manufacturer's instructions.

Even though you shouldn't have to update the firmware too often, we do recommend checking for new updates every 3 months or so to ensure proper playback.

For more info please refer to your user manual provided with your player or the manufacturer's website.

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