How to Update the Software on The GoPro HERO3

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How to Update the Software on The GoPro HERO3

Founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman, GoPro Inc. is a company that develops and manufactures high-definition personal digital cameras such as the HERO3. GoPro often releases software updates for its products, and camera owners need to know how to update their camera with the most recent software in order to maintain optimal performance, or to rectify a software glitch. Fortunately, the update process for the HERO3 camera is relatively straightforward.


Start the update process

To start the update process, the camera owner requires a blank MicroSD card, and a computer with an Internet connection to access the official GoPro software update page. From here, select the manual update option and enter the requested information, including the serial number located on the camera beneath the battery. Having done this, click the "Next Step" button.


Prepare the camera

To prepare the camera, first insert a MicroSD card. It may be necessary to reformat the SD card in the camera to ensure it is completely blank. Next, connect the camera to the computer. The camera should have at least two bars of battery charge remaining to ensure it does not power down during the updating process.


Choose wireless network options

After connecting the camera, the owner needs to set up the wireless network options by naming the camera and allocating a Wi-Fi password. There are strict requirements for the password, as follows:

  • Must have a minimum of eight characters
  • May contain uppercase and lowercase letters
  • May contain numbers 0 to 9 inclusive
  • May contain the commercial at sign, dash, and underscore special characters


Download update

The update software is available as a folder to download. Simply click the "Download Update File" button to begin the process of transferring the files to the computer.


Transfer files to the MicroSD card

When the download is complete, the camera owner must move the software files from the computer to the camera. This involves locating, unzipping, and then transferring the files to the MicroSD card.

Unzip the downloaded folder

The software files are contained in a folder entitled Once the camera owner has located the zip file, it needs to be unpacked. This involves right clicking on the folder with the mouse, and then selecting the "Extract" option. This creates a new "Update" folder containing the four software update files: two files ending ".bin", one file ending ".cmd", and one file ending ".in".

Open the MicroSD card

The downloaded files need to be in the root directory of the camera's MicroSD card. To achieve this, open the SD card on the computer. The card appears in the list of computer drives with a generic name such as "Removable Disk", so it is easy to locate. Double clicking the SD card opens a new window, which may be blank, or may contain a "Misc" or "DCIM" folder.

Transfer the files

Drag the four software files from the unzipped "Update" folder to the SD card, ensuring they go next to, rather than inside, the "DCIM" and "Misc" folders. It may take a few moments for the transfer to complete, after which time the files appear in the SD card window.

Eject the SD card

Safely eject the SD card to avoid corrupting the files. To do this, right-click on the SD card, and then select the "Eject" option. At this stage, it is safe to switch off and disconnect the camera from the computer.


Update the camera

The camera owner now has a powered off camera containing an SD card with all the files required to perform a software update. To begin the installation, simply power on the camera, which begins the update automatically.

After the update is complete, the camera powers down. The next time it powers up, the file counter should read "00", indicating the installation was successful and the camera is ready for use.


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