How to Upgrade My Computer

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How to Upgrade My Computer

It is common for people who are interested in better performance or features for their computer to shop for a new one. However, a completely new computer is not always required. Upgrading a computer allows users to take advantage of features that require minimum specifications for compatibility purposes.


Upgrade or Buy New?

How can someone determine whether to upgrade their existing computer or purchase a new one? Computers that run slow can generally be fixed. A cleanup of the files that are saved on the computer may be necessary, or more memory space could be required. When these solutions do not work, it could be time to invest in a new computer.


Tips For Upgrading Computers

The exact steps that need to be taken to upgrade a computer depend upon the desired result. These common goals for computer users determine the next steps they should take to customise their computer to meet their needs.


Upgrading the RAM in a computer in an attempt to expand available memory is the most common goal that users have. Modules are important when a person is upgrading their computer, so buyers should check to see the applicable modules before searching for RAM. Computers have limited capacity when it comes to handling RAM, so users should check on this capacity before purchasing a component that will not be compatible due to capacity limitations. The specifications for the computer will list information related to modules and capacity.


The central processing unit (CPU) can be upgraded, but it is easy to make fatal errors when working with a processor. The CPU essentially makes it possible for a computer to function, so damaging it while attempting to perform an upgrade can render the computer useless. People who do not have experience should consult a professional to upgrade their CPU.

Another common problem that users run into when they are upgrading a CPU is the fact that other components may need to be upgraded in order for the new CPU to function properly. This upgrade may necessitate a simultaneous upgrade of the motherboard.

Hard Drives

The good news about upgrading the hard drive of a computer is that it is a simple process that generally requires just a screwdriver. The new drive needs to be mounted with screws that are meant for this purpose.

Graphics Cards

People who use their computers to play video games often want to upgrade their graphics card. However, compatibility issues can occur if a computer does not have enough power to handle the new card. This issue can cause a lag while the CPU tries to catch up. The opposite problem can also occur, so the key to upgrading a graphics card is striking a balance.



A slow computer that does not have enough space left to store necessary files does not necessarily need to be sent to the rubbish bin. Upgrading a computer allows users to keep the device that they are familiar with while cutting costs. All of the components needed to complete an upgrade can be found on online stores.

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